Santorini Shopping and Districts

(Santorini, Cyclades, Greece)

View of tourists shopping for holiday souvenirsVisitors to the island of Santorini will likely find that there is just so much shopping to be done here, that managing to find the time to explore the large selection is hard, what with sightseeing, fine dining and sunbathing to cram in as well.

If you are a holidaymaker on Santorini, then it is most likely that at some stage you will be shopping your souvenirs of your stay, and the most popular items often include clothing, wines, jewellery, T-shirts and paintings. Most shops in resorts such as Fira, Kamari and Oia, tend to stay open Monday through Sunday, until well into the evening, although some of the smaller outlets may choose to open for just six days a week.

Photo of local store and tourists

Where to Shop

Fira, the modern capital of Santorini, is where the best shopping is to be had, particularly around the commercial thoroughfare of Erythrou Stavrou and Ypapantis, the southern side of which is known as 'Gold Street', due to its high concentration of jewellers.

Tourists are often very surprised to find the sheer quantity and quality of designer clothing available in Fira, and this town has becoming something of a fashion Mecca on the island, offering designer brands such as Armani, Reef and Versace, although at a price.

Picture of island gift shop selling postcards and souvenirsThere are also many very good jewellers and gold shops within Fira, although those shopping for jewellery on Santorini will also find that this is often on the price side and may well stretch your purse strings.

For something a little cheaper in Fira, do consider purchasing a few bottles of the locally produced wines, made from grapes which seem to thrive in the island's famous volcanic soil.