Santorini Hotels and Accommodation

(Santorini, Cyclades, Greece)

Picture of beautiful coasta sceneryLodging on the Greek island of Santorini could rarely be described as being cheap and even the cheapest hotels tend to raise the room rates considerably during the holiday months of July and August. Locals touting for Santorini accommodation seem to become quite frantic during the summer months and gather around the harbourfront, all vying for your attention.

If you do choose to book through a hotel tout, do bear in mind that they are often prone to being far from forthcoming with the truth and a little prone to exaggeration, particularly when it comes to how close to Santorini's capital of Fira they are. Always be firm and ask to see its exact location on a map.

Island view, showing the waterfront

Where to Stay

Santorini is roughly split into two main regions, the east and the west. The island's western region is where the famous 'caldera' is located, a large volcanic crater now filled with water, which lies next to Fira and Oia. Hotels overlooking the caldera are always in demand, although this accommodation comes at a price.

Also do bear in mind that hotels built around Santorini's caldera are often only reached by steep stairways and due to there somewhat steep location, may not accept young children, with some even catering solely for couples.

Photo of island hotel, complete with open-air poolThe western side of Santorini is a very popular part of the island on which to stay, and whilst not all hotels in this region come with a coastal view, many do. On the eastern side, tourists will find a good selection of beachfront lodging, with the accommodation being particularly family orientated.

Do consider booking Santorini hotels in advance, since many are quite small and often have fewer than 20 guest rooms. Some accommodation also closes during the winter months, not reopening again until soon after the Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations.