Naxos Shopping and Districts

(Naxos, Cyclades, Greece)

Cosatal pictureMuch of the shopping in Naxos is based around the island's port and its neighbouring back streets, and so this is always the best place to find most goods. The shops here sell a host of Naxian goodies, which range from gifts and clothing, to various leather goods and plenty of handmade silver jewellery, which is often inspired by ancient jewellery designs, or takes its inspiration from the Naxos coastline and sea.

Of course, when shopping for souvenirs of Naxos, you will find it hard to beat a bottle of the island's very own 'Vallindras kitron' liqueur, or alternatively, some authentically Greek olive oil, or even some anise-flavoured ouzo. Those holidaying on the island with water sports on their mind will find a number of related shops around Naxos Town (Hora), where you will find all of the necessary accessories that you could possibly require, and more besides, if you are planning to enjoy a day of windsurfing.

Photo of popular island shops

Where to Shop

The largest number of shops are to be found within Hora itself, where you will find local cheeses, such as arseniko and graviera, along with a number of supermarkets should you be self-catering, and a good local market.

Take a stroll along the northern side of the Paralia, close to the town's bus station, and you will buy able to buy some very appealing Cycladic figurines, made with Naxian marble.