Naxos Events and Festivals

(Naxos, Cyclades, Greece)

Scenic picture of local island churchContrasting greatly to the lively nightlife on Naxos are the island's plentiful festivals, with the best selection of events and things to do falling during the busy summer months. Naxos Town (Hora) is where many of the biggest and most popular festivals tend to take place, with the most cultural offering a taster of Greek music and dancing.

If you are holidaying on the island during the summer months, then do look out for the Dionysia Festival, which is a successful combination of both culture and athletics. Another very prominent summer event on Naxos is staged at the Bazeos Castle, where participants are able to enjoy a variety of different activities.

Aerial view of further church

Naxos Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015

Each of the various villages around Naxos have their very own patron saints and related festivals, such as the celebrations in both Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna during the month of July. August 15th sees the Feast of the Virgin Mary, around the island and primarily at both Apiranthos and Filoti.

Also look out for the truly enchanting full moon concerts, which are staged during the months of July and August at the Dimitra Temple in Sangri and at the Dionysus Temple, which is to be next to the village of Glinado. Something else for seasonal Naxos holiday makers to bear in mind are the very special evening cultural events held at the Della Rocca-Barozzi Venetian Museum, where traditional classical music concerts and more contemporary recitals can be enjoyed.