Naxos Restaurants and Dining

(Naxos, Cyclades, Greece)

Photo of local cafe tablesThe Naxian cuisine is likely to be a highlight for any holiday on the island of Naxos, with many Greek restaurants serving tasty, Mediterranean influenced dishes. Those dining out on Naxos are likely to be in for a treat. The island is famous throughout Greece for its wonderful local produce, particularly its potatoes, 'kefalotyri' sheep's cheese, 'raki' brandy (Greek firewater) and its fruity 'kitron' liqueur, which has an unmistakable lemon flavour and is made from the 'citron' tree.

Many Greek specialities grace the menus of restaurants and traditional tavernas around Naxos, with flavoursome favourites include moussaka (eggplant and minced lamb), souvlaki (char-grilled skewers of pork), and countless seafood dishes. Most Naxian dining options include olive oil as an ingredient, along with garlic and strong herbs.

Image of cafe tables and parasol

Where to Eat

For the best variety of restaurants on the island, head to the largest town of Hora. Here you will find plenty of quality tavernas, cafes and eateries - just keep your eyes out to see where the locals are dining and follow them.

Some reliable tavernas in Hora are located around the Kastro, the Odos Komiakis, the Paparrigopoulou, and the Paralia, where you can expect to find everything from buffalo steaks to codfish croquettes, often accompanied by a simply Greek salad with Feta cheese crumbled over the top.

Picture of al fresco diners next to the waterfrontMany good restaurants around Naxos are close to the coastline, including those around Agios Georgios Beach, Apollonas Beach and Plaka Beach.

Other recommended dining venues reside within unspoilt, historical villages, such as Apirathos, Sangri and Halki, particularly around Halki's spacious central square. Interestingly, Halki is well known in Naxos for its kitron liqueur, which is locally produced in is Vallindras Distillery, where free guided tours are available and very worthwhile.