Naxos Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Naxos, Greece)

Naxos is a green and fertile island in Greece's Cyclades. This is a charming place to live, with a more down-to-earth atmosphere than its neighbours. For this reason, the island is an increasingly popular place for investors and expatriates to buy property.

The best supply of property is on the west coast of the island, in the capital of Naxos Town (Hora), as the area has the most developed commercial and transportation infrastructure. Elsewhere on the island, there is a more laid-back village atmosphere at work, and attractive beaches and quaint harbours abound.

Property on Naxos is excellent value for money, and there are parcels to suit investors, long-stay tourists and residents looking for a quieter place to relocate. Greece's economic hardships have affected the market, so it is worth looking around for neighbourhoods that are likely to hold or increase over the long term.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments on Naxos aren't as common here as they are on more resort-oriented islands or even on the mainland, but there are still units to be found. Most of these are located on the west coast and come fully furnished with plenty of living space.

Few travellers come to Naxos on business, so most of the serviced apartments appeal to expatriates and extended-stay tourists, meaning that the best value for money is available to those staying for six months to a year. Shorter arrangements are possible, with the prices on par with mid-range to upmarket hotel rooms. Even in this case, serviced apartments still deliver more space and, in some cases, better furnishings.

Buying Apartments and Houses

The cost of living in Greece is well below that of mainstream Europe. By some estimates, a person could live here for 35 percent less than they would pay elsewhere in Western Europe. It is worth noting that the cost of living on Naxos is also low by Cyclades standards.

Members of any EU nation can easily arrange to buy or rent on Naxos. In certain cases, foreigners who hail from outside the union may need to secure permission to buy property, but this can be easily arranged with the help of a property lawyer. In general, the government is eager to secure foreign investment.

Real Estate Agents

Finding an English-speaking real estate agent will be harder here than elsewhere in the Cyclades. They do exist, however, and a thorough search of the offerings on Naxos will reveal several firms with experience in dealing with foreign buyers and English speakers.

Check out the following Naxos real estate agents:

Naxos Real Estate
Address: Chora Naxos, Naxos, 84300, Greece, GR
Tel: +30 22850 23388
Naxos Real Estate is the longest-running real estate company on the island. They are well-connected and internationally-minded.

PanCo Real Estate Office
Address: Chora Naxos, Naxos, 84300, Greece, GR
Tel: +30 22850 23882
PanCo is a property management firm with strong international ties. This is a great starting place for finding rental and holiday property on Naxos.

Panorama Real Estate
Address: Periohi Piso Mathiassos, Palia Chora, Naxos, 84300, Greece, GR
Tel: +30 22850 26072
Panorama Real Estate agency offers a range of real estate services on the island and they are equipped with English-speaking staff.