Toulouse Weather, When to Go and Climate Information

(Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France)

Photo of the Renaissance-style Hotel d'Assezat palaceSituated near the Pyrenées and the Mediterranean coast, Toulouse enjoys a temperate climate with plenty of sunny weather.

As such, it doesn't get too hot in the summer, nor does it get too cold in the winter.

This pleasant climate and fine weather makes Toulouse a popular tourist destination all year round. However, perhaps the best time of year to visit Toulouse is during the spring or early autumn, when temperatures are agreeably warm and ideal for sightseeing.

Picture showing St. Bertrand of Comminges

Seasonal Climate Variations / When to Go

Spring and autumn usually bring quite warm and sunny weather to Toulouse. However, the weather and climate can sometimes be rather wet and windy, making temperatures appear cooler. Indeed, Toulouse gets the most rainfall during May. Visitors should also be aware that whilst temperatures during the day are generally pleasant, it can feel quite a lot cooler in the early morning and during the evening. Therefore, visitors staying in Toulouse should come prepared and bring a variety of clothing.

Summers in Toulouse are mostly hot with a humid climate. Hot weather during August has always drawn holiday visitors to Toulouse. However, July is also becoming an increasingly popular month for tourist visits. Although summer temperatures average 20°C / 68°F, visitors should be aware that it's not unknown for the thermometer to reach 30°C / 85°F, which can make the overall climate feel rather oppressive. If you're not keen on sightseeing in the heat, then it may be best to plan your visit to take place in spring, or during the early autumn months.

Winters are mostly mild and wet. Sometimes Toulouse does experience freezing temperatures during the day or night. However, snowy weather occurs only very occasionally. The coldest months of the year are January and February, when temperatures can drop to 4°C / 39°F.

Toulouse Weather and Climate Chart (Averages)



12°C / 54°F
3°C / 37°F


13°C / 55°F
4°C / 39°F


16°C / 61°F
6°C / 43°F


18°C / 64°F
9°C / 48°F


23°C / 73°F
13°C / 55°F


27°C / 81°F
16°C / 61°F


29°C / 84°F
18°C / 64°F


30°C / 86°F
19°C / 66°F


25°C / 77°F
15°C / 59°F


21°C / 70°F
12°C / 54°F


14°C / 57°F
6°C / 43°F


11°C / 52°F
3°C / 37°F