Toulouse Hotels and Accommodation

(Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France)

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Photo of St. Etienne PlaceA wide variety of accommodation is available in Toulouse, from small, independent hotels to those managed by large chains, and even hybrid apartment hotels. Lodging tends to be clustered around the Place du Capital, Place Wilson and the surrounding boulevards, including the area around Toulouse's train station.

It's worth noting that Toulouse attracts large numbers of business visitors during the week. As a result, hotel rooms and other accommodation can often be easier to find during the weekend. Likewise, Toulouse tends not to be as busy as other traditional tourist cities during the summer months.

Different view of St. Etienne Place

Where to Stay

If you want to stay just a stone's throw from some of top tourist attractions in Toulouse, then accommodation situated on or around the vibrant Place du Capitol or nearby Place Wilson may be just the thing. As you'd expect for such a prime location, many hotels in this area are at the luxury end of the market.

Excellent mid-range hotel rooms can be found in Toulouse city centre. These range from lodging those offering olde-world charm and comfort, to hotels that pride themselves on being bright and modern. Whilst room size, décor and facilities vary from one hotel to the other, some stand out because of their particular charm or location, and are certainly worth looking out for.

Although Toulouse does not have hostels as such, lower priced accommodation can be found in the area around the main station. Indeed, this part of Toulouse is certainly worth considering if you're visiting on a budget or if you arrive in the city at short notice and without a reservation.

Picture of a budget hotel on the outskirtsToulouse has plenty of 'chain' hotels which offer comfortable accommodation at reasonable prices, particularly if you're planning a brief visit or are simply passing through. These hotels are mostly located just north of Toulouse itself and so are not quite as convenient for sightseeing as city centre accommodation. However, most of these hotels do have parking spaces available, should you be planning to hire a car during your stay.

The city of Toulouse also offers an attractive alternative to traditional hotel accommodation which is worth considering if you're planning a longer stay. Residential hotels in Toulouse provide a good standard of accommodation that sits somewhere between a hotel and a rented apartment. They are becoming increasingly popular in French cities, particularly as they offer visitors the chance to self-cater.

Visitors planning to stay outside Toulouse and make day trips into the city can opt to stay at Toulouse's only camp site, just north of the city. It's worth noting that the camp site may become busy at peak holiday times.