Toulouse Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France)

Picture of the Old Quarter's Place du CapitoleMany of the most popular attractions in Toulouse can be found in the area bordered by the River Garonne and its wide boulevards, which form a ring round the old city. These include the historic district (Vieux Toulouse) and its Place du Capitole, situated at the very heart of the Toulouse city centre.

Toulouse also boasts a lively student neighbourhood based around its large university centre. Further out, the tree-lined Canal du Midi marks another boundary between city centre districts and the outskirts.

Heading out of the city, Toulouse's suburbs also have a great deal to interest visitors. It's here that the city's aviation centre is located. More and more high-tech industrial complexes are also springing up in this neighbourhood, along with shopping centres and housing complexes. The main districts and locations within the Toulouse area and described here.

Close-up view of the Place du Capitole buildings

Vieux Toulouse District (Old Quarter)

Toulouse's historic district is rather neatly divided into quarters by the Rue d'Alsace Lorraine and the Rue de Metz. At its heart is the hub of Toulouse, the Place du Capitole, home to the 18th-century city hall and its Théâtre du Capitole, an acclaimed opera house. This is a huge square with plenty of bustling city atmosphere, particularly on market days. Leading out of the square, visitors can wend their way along narrow streets that feature an abundance of town houses, fountains, charming squares and museums. If you fancy lingering over a coffee at one of the many pavement cafes in Vieux Toulouse, then this is certainly the place to be.

Photo showing the St. Sernin district

St. Sernin District

Linked to Toulouse's historic district via the Rue du Taur, is the Latin quarter of St. Sernin. With its many old buildings and museums, it's a pleasant place to stroll or do some sightseeing.

There are also markets, cafes, bars and small shops, all geared up to cater for the city's large student population.


Venture out of Toulouse city centre and visitors will discover an appealing modern district with many attractions. Located here is the national space centre and also the aircraft facility producing the latest Airbus, as well as numerous high-tech research labs and factories.

Market picture, taken in the Arnaud Bernard area

Arnaud Bernard District

North-west of the centre of Toulouse and bordered by the Canal du Midi and the River Garonne lies the cosmopolitan district of Arnaud Bernard.

This area is popular for its nightlife and trendy boutiques. There's a lively student feel to this neighbourhood, thanks to the proximity of Toulouse's university campus, which is the second largest in France.

View of the Matabiau Station

Matabiau District

North from Place Wilson is the area which adjoins the main railway station in Toulouse.

This is a busy neighbourhood, mainly because of the station, but also because of the surrounding shops and plentiful restaurants. The train station itself is known as the Gare de Toulouse Matabiau and was built just over 100 years ago. There are no less than 26 different coats of arms displayed at the station's entrance.