Toulouse Restaurants and Dining

(Toulouse, Haute-Garonne, Midi-Pyrenees, France)

Photo of eateries on the Place du CapitoleWhen it comes to dining out in Toulouse, there are some things that you just have to do. These include lingering over a coffee at a café on the Place du Capitole and enjoying a traditional meal of 'cassoulet' at one of the many small bistros or restaurants around the centre of Toulouse.

If you can really push out the boat, then why not enjoy dinner in one of Toulouse's fashionable, Michelin-starred restaurants. If not, head to the cafes above the covered market on the Place Victor Hugo where you enjoy more simple fare whilst soaking up the atmosphere.

Different view of the Place du Capitole

When to Eat / Opening Hours

During the daytime, cafés are good place to enjoy coffee and a light snack. Continental breakfasts are usually served in Toulouse's cafes from around 08:00. It's worth noting that the small restaurants above the Victor Hugo market are only open during the daytime. During the day, fast food is also available from snack stalls and sandwich bars.

Many of the brasseries and restaurants throughout Toulouse close their doors for at least one day a week. This is usually on Sunday, but it's also not unknown for some restaurants to close on Saturday lunch too. Likewise, in August, some of the city's smaller dining venues may close so that the owners can take their annual holiday.

Picture of cafes on the Place du Capitole

What to Eat

Toulouse is famous for its 'cassoulet'. There are numerous different versions of this hearty Gascon stew, although it is generally agreed that it is based on duck, various forms of pork and white beans. The dish gets its name from the particular dish that it is cooked in. Toulouse spicy sausages, duck and foie gras are also firm favourites on restaurant menus in the city.

Where to Eat

The Place du Capitole is the hub of social life in Toulouse and home to some of the city's trendiest pavement cafes and dining options. Head down the cobbled narrow streets that lead out from the square and you will also be spoilt for choice for good restaurants.

There are also plenty of restaurants around Toulouse where you can eat out at lunchtime without breaking the budget. Few would argue with the reputation gained by the row of small restaurants serving lunch above Toulouse's covered market, Marché Victor Hugo.

As well as restaurants boasting those much-sought after Michelin stars, Toulouse also has its fair share of fashionable dining venues, including Le Colombier and Les Jardins d'Opéra. Many new restaurants have sprung up in recent years and offer good, inventive cuisine from all over the world. These include the Metropolitan, with its New York setting and also the contemporary Le Gallery.