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Walking around Tartu
I enjoyed walking around Tartu and found it a very good way to get to know the city a bit better. I particularly enjoyed walking along the banks of the River Emajogi, which flows through the city centre. There were some nice parks and river beaches next to the Emajogi, which made it all the more interesting for me. There is a particularly good route that I would recommend. It starts at the bus station and takes you over the bridge, and then across the very long Emajogi footbridge, which is a fairly new addition to the city. It finishes up at the outdoor market, where you will probably find something to spend your Estonian Kroons on!
Posted on 17/3/2008 by Colin

Running up that hill!
Tartu has a great big hill, which is right behind the Raekojaplats (Town Hall Square) and is quite a sight in itself. It is called the Toomemagi and is a good spot for a walk. There is a big park here with lots of trails and pathways to follow, which take your around the remains of the cathedral and also the observatory. I enjoyed looking at the statues and sacrificial stone. You can go for a walk up the Toomemagi anytime that you feel like it, and stop off on the way if you are feeling a bit tired. I was feeling quite energetic so I ran part of the way, but not as far as I'd hoped. Keep your eyes peeled for bits of history.
Posted on 30/5/2007 by Sayed Janesh

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