Tartu Museums and Art Galleries

(Tartu, Tartumaa, Estonia)

Picture of city museumThe museums of Tartu cover an array of different subject matters, with a number of quality art galleries showcasing Estonian art works at their very best. Particularly noteworthy is the Tartu University Art Museum, which has become known for its extensive collection of plaster casts of many sculptures from ancient Greece.

The Tartu Art Museum is another of the city's cultural attractions not to miss and is located on the central Raekoja Plats. Formerly the residence of Colonel Barclay de Tolly (1761 - 1818), the Tartu Art Museum was constructed partly above the remains of an old town wall, which has given the building a rather famous lean.

Photo of central museumIllustrating how a burgher lived in the city during the 1830s, the 19th-century Citizen's Home Museum is also home to many period furnishings. A big hit with children of all ages is the Toy Museum, where you will find rocking horses, dolls, trains, tin soldiers and countless other toys from the past 100 years, so be prepared for a trip into yesteryear, often resulting in some fond memories of childhood.

One of the most important archives in the whole of Estonia is the Estonian Literary Museum, which contains a host of Estonian folklore memorabilia and cultural artefacts. Something for lovers of beer, the history of the brewing process is explored at the A Le Coq Beer Museum, focusing on the various machines involved in creating the famous local tipple, where can be sampled at the end of the tour.

Tartu Art Museum

Address: Raekoja Plats 18, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 744 1080

Tartu University Art Museum (Ulikooli Kunstimuuseum)

Address: Ulikooli Tänav 18, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 737 5384

Tartu Sports Museum (Spordimuuseum)

Address: Rüütli Tänav, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 730 0750

Toy Museum

Address: Lutsu 8, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 736 1551

Citizen's Home Museum

Address: Jaani 16, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 736 1545

Estonian National Museum

Address: Kuperjanovi Tänav 9, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 742 1311

KGB Cells Museum (KGB Kongide)

Address: Riia Maantee 15b, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 746 1717

Estonian Literary Museum (Kirjandusmuseum)

Address: Vanemuise Tänav 42, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 737 7700

A Le Coq Beer Museum

Address: Tähtvere 56, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 744 9711

Museum of University History

Address: Ulikooli Tänav 18, Tartu, Estonia, EE
Tel: +372 737 5677