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(Canterbury, Kent, England, UK)

Picture of the cathedralFull of history and plenty of vitality from the 21st century, Canterbury may not be particularly big, but it is a must-see city. Canterbury not only contains one of the most outstanding cathedrals in the whole of Europe, but is overflowing with medieval character in every corner. The city invests millions in its thriving tourism industry and is easily explored on foot. As well as being of historical interest, this is also a modern city, full of colour and creativity. One of East Kent's most popular retail destinations can be found in the bustling Whitefriars shopping centre, or alternatively you may choose to enjoy a range of specialist and individual shops along the King's Mile.

Canterbury's main tourist attractions and tourism highlights include a variety of guided tours around both the city and the River Stour, with popular choices including the Tourist Guides walking tours led by knowledgeable local guides, the Canterbury Ghost Tour during the evening, the horse-drawn Canterbury Carriages around the Old Town area, and both punting trips and boat cruises along the river.

Photo of historic houses edging the River StourIn the very centre of the city, the 'Canterbury Tales' Visitor Attraction is especially popular, celebrating this famous novel and offering a host of information about the city's past. Here, visitors will be able to follow Geoffrey Chauncer and his pilgrims on their journey from London, while both the Marlowe Theatre and the Gulbenkian Theatre also warrant a mention, boasting an extensive calendar of shows and concerts. Those looking for quiet respite and peaceful surroundings will enjoy a visit to the Dane John Gardens and Westgate Gardens, where the seasonal flowers, mature trees and outdoor events are amongst the main features. More information about Canterbury Tourist Attractions.

Historical landmarks can be found all over the city and are always popular with visiting tourists. The highlights include the remains of Canterbury Castle, the 12th-century Eastbridge Hospital, and the row of historic Tudor-style Weavers' Houses, next to the river and St. Peter's Street. Of course, no trip to the city is complete without a visit to the simply breathtaking Canterbury Cathedral itself, which dominates the area with its three towers and immense presence. Nearby, St. Martin's Church and St. Augustine's Abbey are also important parts of this World Heritage Site. More information about Canterbury Landmarks.

View of the River StourSome of the main museums and art galleries in Canterbury' include the Museum of Canterbury, which is full of local artefacts and historical information, while the adjacent Rupert Bear Museum is especially popular with families and those remembering their youth. Other noteworthy museums include the Roman Museum and its impressive collection of ancient Roman treasures, the West Gate Towers complete with its war memorabilia and superb views of central Canterbury, and the Royal Museum and Art Gallery, which is full of quality paintings and fine art. More information about Canterbury Museums and Canterbury Art Galleries.

Tourist attractions situated close to Canterbury include a number of towns, villages and seaside resorts. The most popular of these locations include nearby Bekesbourne, Broadstairs, Chilham, Dover, Herne Bay, Margate, Sandwich and Whitstable. More information about Canterbury Attractions Nearby.

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