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Much More Than Planned
This is a pretty city - not expecting much at all, but surprised about so many international foods. Plenty places to go at night and can walk around safely.
Posted on 03/4/2011 by Jelle Cloet

Happening Hideaway
I absolutely adore Croatia. I would never have expected to, but we hit this place up as part of a cruise. We only had one night there - went to the Irish Jig Bar - good times.
Posted on 07/1/2011 by Wanda Sland

Re. Explore First With a Guide
This is not entirely necessary. It depends on your time. We just took the map and tried some places away from the crowds.
Posted on 25/12/2010 by Ronnie Brightman

Explore First With a Guide
We were with a large group, so we all can decide to hire tour guide. It was much better than going alone. We some of the best sites and the picked some small streets to go back to. We can find some quiet cafes and small shops to buy at local prices.
Posted on 14/6/2010 by Valerie Voulouse

Has Everything
The special part of Dubrovnik is the mix of old architecture with natural beauty beaches. There is a lot to see no matter what you like - history or nature. I must suggest the Island of Lorkum for some special.
Posted on 03/9/2009 by Liv Skov

Find the Secret Gardens
It is a lovely place, but can be quite touristy. It's best to avoid some of the busy streets where the vendors and clustered and explore some of the hidden alleyways in Old Town. Restaurants are just as good if not better.
Posted on 27/7/2008 by Carrie Baste