Graz Landmarks and Monuments

(Graz, Styria, Austria)

View of the Hauptplatz (Main Square)Due to its wealth of monumental landmarks, the Old Town district of Graz has now been added to the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. The main landmarks and most impressive monuments are scattered around this part of Graz and many surround the Main Square (Hauptplatz), such as the City Hall (Rathaus), which dates from the middle of the 16th century and has been remodelled a number of times over the years.

One of the city's most notable landmarks, Graz Cathedral is known locally as the Domkirche and dates back to the middle of the 15th century. Other buildings of significance include the Franciscan Church (Franziskanerkirche), the Heart of Jesus Church (Herz Jesu Kirche) and the eye-catching Eggenberg Castle (Schloss Eggenberg), which features a total of four towers and no less than 365 individual windows, one for every single day of the year.

Further picture of the city's Hauptplatz

Hauptplatz (Main Square) / Rathaus (City Hall)

Address: Hauptplatz, Graz, AT-8010, Austria, AT
The Hauptplatz has denoted the very centre of Graz since the city's earliest origins and this huge square is flanked by a number of magnificent landmarks from the past. Dominating the Hauptplatz, the Rathaus is amongst the most impressive of these buildings and is known for its beautiful Renaissance architecture. The Hauptplatz is a good place to begin a shopping trip, or if you are simply looking for a bite to eat with a pleasant outlook.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: free

Photo showing the famous Domkirche (Cathedral)

Domkirche (Graz Cathedral)

Address: Burggasse 3, Graz, AT-8010, Austria, AT
Tel: +43 0316 821 683
The Graz Cathedral actually stands on the site of an even older church, which is known to have stood in this very spot more than 800 years ago. Look out for the grand Baroque interior, the beautiful Landplagenbild fresco, and the grand altarpiece, which is surrounded by detailed statues.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free, donations suggested

View of the Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church)

Franziskanerkirche (Franciscan Church)

Address: Franziskanerplatz, Graz, AT-8010, Austria, AT
The most historic church in Graz, the Franziskanerkirche is a beautiful local landmark complete with a bell tower, which presides over this part of the city and houses an old bell, cast as far back as 1272.

Hard to miss, the tall bell tower is pale yellow in appearance and topped by an imposing onion-shaped dome, almost Russian in character. The Franziskanerkirche has become an important part of the city's skyline and adds a distinctive character to the Innere Stadt district.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free, donations suggested

Picture of Herz Jesu Kirche (Heart of Jesus Church)

Herz Jesu Kirche (Heart of Jesus Church)

Address: Sparbersbachgasse 58, Graz, AT-8010, Austria, AT
Tel: +43 0316 826 285
The city's biggest church, the Herz Jesu Kirche translates as the Heart of Jesus Church and was built during the 1880s. The red brick, Neo-Gothic architecture is well known in Graz and the spire towers almost 110 metres / 360 feet.

Of particular interest is the interior of the Herz Jesu Kirche, where you can enjoy some beautiful paintings and historic stained-glass windows, which flood the church with bright colours on a sunny day.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free, donations suggested

Image of Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Castle)

Schloss Eggenberg (Eggenberg Castle)

Address: Eggenberger Allee 90, Graz, AT-8020, Austria, AT
Tel: +43 0316 583 264
Schloss Eggenberg is an outstanding landmark standing atop a prominent hill, just 3 km / 2 miles to the west of the city. Constructed during the 1620s, this magnificent castle is suitably Baroque in its appearance. Step inside Eggenberg and you will find an intriguing hunting museum, an enormous banqueting hall, many elaborate ceiling paintings, period Rococo features and many antiquities. However, the Schloss Eggenberg is at its busiest in the late summer, when is hosts the popular Eggenberger Schlosskonzerte (Classical Concerts).
Open hours: April to October, Tuesday to Sunday - 10:00 to 18:00
Admission: charge, concessions