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Old Town
I came to Salzburg to check out the famous Sound of Music sites and found that there was a lot more to see, especially in the Old Town area. It looks really nice as there are cobblestone streets, lots of beautiful fountains and old buildings. I would really recommend getting a Salzburg card, because it gets you into all the attractions and they cost a lot less! If you don't like busy places, don't visit in the summer, because it is really busy then. I think it is a great place to visit with family or friends looking for a different kind of holiday.
Posted on 29/9/2012 by M V T

Sound of Music Tour
Always wanted to travel here to do the Sound of Music tour and were not disappointed. The tour guide was so knowledgeable and the countryside breathtaking. Loved visiting the Mirabell Gardens where they filmed 'Do Re Mi' - a real highlight.
Posted on 29/2/2012 by Maria

Anyone for chess?
Even if you don't like chess that much, playing a game on this huge outdoor chessboard is a lot of fun. Lots of people gather here when the weather is fine, to watch the game and to offer their advice with the moves. The Hohensalzburg Fortress makes a lovely backdrop. This chessboard is in the Old Town area o Salzburg, on the Kapitelplatz. Hard to miss.
Posted on 22/3/2008 by Dale Pervis

Riding around Salzburg on a horse and carriage
I know that it might be classed as a bit touristy by some, but then we WERE tourists, and in my mind there's no shame in that! It was a lovely way to see some of old town Salzburg, especially when there was a little snow of the ground - very romantic, for me anyway. We caught our horse and carriage from the Residenzplatz, which seemed to be the place where they departed from.
Posted on 16/2/2008 by Monica Payne

The Dome of Salzburg
This masive octagonal dome is over 70 metres in height and it is so high that you really can see it from almost anywhere. Mozart once played concerts here, once upon a time.
Posted on 12/2/2008 by Ronnie Sullivan

Historical City Squares
Old Town Salzburg has no less than 4 main squares, which are all very close to each other. These squares are the Residenzplatz, the Mozartplatz, the Kapitelplatz and also the Domplatz. The biggest by far is the Residenzplatz and it has a big fountain as a centrepiece.
Posted on 22/11/2007 by Theodore

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