Noosa National Park

(Noosa, Queensland - QLD, Australia)

Picture of Noosa National Park coastal trailExtending for around 2 km / 1.5 miles in a south-westerly direction from the headland and covering just under 1,200 acres / 485 hectares, Noosa National Park may be relatively small in size, but is packed with interest. The park itself marks the very end of the famous Sunshine Coast and comes with an array of scenic walking trails, superb coastal views and a number of popular bays located on its northern side, suitable for surfing. Noosa National Park actually borders three beaches - the Main Beach, Alexandria Bay and Sunshine Beach.

Most people choose to enter the park from Park Road, which is actually just off Hastings Street and easy to find. Close by is a car park, as well as picnic spots and a visitor centre, where you can pick up a copy of a popular map of the pathways.

Image of the entrance to Noosa National Park's Headland Section

General Information

When it comes to native Australian wildlife, Noosa National Park is something of a haven. As you follow the trails, keep a look out for koalas high up in the eucalyptus trees. You will also likely encounter many exotic birds, such as ground parrots and black cockatoos.

For some of the best possible scenery and views of the rocky shoreline, take a stroll to the Laguna Lookout, which can be reached by using Viewland Drive in Noosa Junction - and don't forget to bring your camera. If you are planning to access the park from the Sunshine Beach side, you will need to use Parkedge Road or McAnally Drive.