Medical Tourism, Treatments and Surgery in Bangkok

(Bangkok, Thailand)

Bangkok City Centre view photographBangkok is a leader in medical tourism and features some of the world's best hospitals, where doctors are able to perform all manner of procedures. All-inclusive packages are popular in Bangkok, whereby patients make a holiday out of the trip, with flights, accommodation and the procedure combined often costing less than treatment alone at home.

Medical tourists can fly to Bangkok from many world cities and stay in top hotels before and after treatment, and still have change left over. Popular procedures to undergo include cosmetic surgery in Bangkok, sex reassignment surgery, heart bypass surgery, hip replacement surgery, orthopaedic procedures and dental work.

Advantages of Medical Tourism

The main advantage Bangkok has over competitors in medical tourism is price. On average, it is cheaper than anywhere else, and the Thai capital is well connected with major cities worldwide. Patients can expect a high level of care and facilities, coupled with well-trained doctors in Bangkok.

Those not in-the-know often make the mistake of likening Thailand to some of the world's poorest nations and assume its capital, Bangkok, is a sprawling shanty town. Although still a developing nation, the reality is that Thailand is an Asian tiger and Bangkok is an up-and-coming metropolis, boasting five-star hotels and futuristic public transport options.

Thailand is also long-associated as an exotic tourist destination and comes with some of the world's most beautiful and accessible beaches, not to mention fantastic shopping and eating, and some of the best nightlife and spas of anywhere.

Medical Procedures

Just about every type of procedure can be undergone in the city, and Bangkok is regarded as being a leader in sex reassignment surgery. Cosmetic surgery and dental surgery in Bangkok are also high on the list of medical tourism procedures, with local dentists having usually received training (and being accredited) in the US or Europe. Eye surgery and extensive health check-ups here are also hugely popular.


There is a vast range of Bangkok hospitals, from government-run places that cater mainly to locals, to some of the best facilities in the world that cater primarily to moneyed Asians and medical tourists from the West. These rank among the best hospitals anywhere and have large, private rooms with top facilities and many extras.

The de facto top hospital in Bangkok, and Thailand, is the internationally renowned Bumrungrad International Hospital. It is the undisputed king of hospitals here and rivals similar entities worldwide. Although relatively expensive (based on local pricings), procedures carried out here can be anywhere between 30 and 80 percent cheaper than in the US.

The Bangkok General brand of hospitals, which are also present in other Thai cities, are on par with Bumrungrad, yet are slightly cheaper. Samitivej Srinakarin is another highly rated Bangkok hospital, with orthopaedic procedures high on the list here. All city hospitals can perform all major procedures.