Johor Bahru Restaurants and Dining

(Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia)

Johor Bahru has a plethora of well-priced, Malay-centric eateries and many Singaporeans make the trip over here to sample the produce. Most of all, prices are very reasonable, even at the seafood dining, splurge end of the restaurants.

The city is awash with hawkers, with a huge variety of Malaysian goodies available at night. Roti (griddled flat bread) and laksa (spicy rice noodle soup) are particularly tasty and cheap. Head for the air-conditioned mall food courts if you tire of the heat, and to the Danga Bay seafood restaurants for some high quality prawns.

What to Eat, and Where

Known as 'pusat penjaja', Johor Bahru has a large amount of hawker centres and food courts. The former usually consists of street vendors selling cheap eats - some have plastic tables and chairs set up on the street.

Hawker centres are all over the city, including along the pedestrianised Medan Selera Meldrum - between the Jalan Stesyen and the Jalan Siu Koon. Along with hawkers and food courts are a large number of coffee shops, cafés, full-service restaurants and similar dining establishments.

Top-end restaurants can be had at the Danga Bay area of the city (west Johor Bahru). There are three excellent restaurants here that specialise in seafood and Western cuisine between them. Lido Beach is another popular spot.

For the taste of Malaysia, be sure to get up early and sample a 'roti canai', a flat Indian bread unique to Johor state, served with curries. One of the top roti outlets is near the Kim Teng Park. Mamak (Tamil Muslim) food is also worth a taste and cafe-style Mamak restaurants (often referred to as 'stalls') are all over the town.