Johor Bahru Beaches and Water Sports

(Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia)

Johor Bahru lies on the southern coastline of the Peninsula Malaysia and is therefore within reach of a series of appealing beaches. A number of the closest beaches are located around Desaru, Kota Tinggi, Tanjung Balau and Teluk Sengat, all of which lend themselves to day trips.

If you are looking for the ultimate tropical beach, then consider heading to one of the outlying islands. Particularly close to Johor Bahru and famed for their wealth of sandy stretches are the islands within the Seribuat archipelago, of which there are more than 60. However, do note that the ferry services can be rather unreliable during the monsoon season, particularly in November and December.

General Information

The Seribuat archipelago comprises some of Malaysia's most stunning islands and beaches. Most tourists will head to Pulau Tioman, which is the biggest and most well-known island, being popular with both sun-seekers and scuba divers alike. Divers can expect to find colourful coral reefs and an endless myriad of marine life, which will likely include parrot fish, barracudas and enormous clams.

Other notable islands within the Seribuat archipelago, offering good beaches and related attractions, include Pulau Besar - excellent for snorkelling, the Pulau Sibu island cluster - with spectacular beaches and reliable diving opportunities, and Pulau Rawa, which regularly features strong waves and is a good place for surfing.

Located around 37 km / 23 miles to the south-east of Mersing, Pulau Tinggi is dominated by an imposing extinct volcano named the Tinggi, while just 8 km / 5 miles from the mainland, Pulau Aur boasts sparkling clear water, with coral reefs and old colonised ship wrecks. Close by, Pulau Dayang comes with a charming beach, at the Dayang Blues Resort, with boat transfers from Mersing lasting roughly one and a half hours.