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Perinea Mansion
I learnt more about Nonya Baba culture at this site and the building showcases Chinese architecture, which has assimilated Malay styles. The house belonged to the Nonya family and it shows their lifestyle. The entrance fee was definitely worth it.
Posted on the 02/3/2012 by Abella de Lugo

Re. Wat Chayamangkalaram
If you are really hungry there are plenty of places to eat at the Gurney Drive Mall, which is only a short walk away.
Posted on 19/12/2011 by Robert Smith

Wat Chayamangkalaram
The Buddha is huge and there are also smaller, intricately designed statues of monks. The red and gold colours make the building stand out and the temple has been influenced by Thai styles. Don't get there to late because the main hall shuts at 5:00 pm. Afterwards I visited the Burmese temple, which was across the road. I was starving so I bought some snack from the stall outside the building and there was also a variety of refreshments available.
Posted on the 08/12/2011 by George Wilson

Re. Spice Garden
After learning to cook at the Spice Garden we headed to the local market, which had all the ingredients we needed to make our favourite dishes.
Posted on the 27/7/2009 by Allison White

Spice Garden
This spice garden has received awards and its easy to see why. It is also the regions first cooking school. Our guide seemed to know everything about spices and he showed us around the gardens. It was so interesting to learn about the spices and herbs. We learnt to make some of the dishes we had been eating at our hotel so we can make them again when we go home to Spain. Our teachers made it easy to learn and explained everything clearly with additional information about the history of Malaysian food. This is a must do activity while on holiday in Penang.
Posted on the 25/7/2009 by Elena Garcia