Jakarta Events and Festivals

(Jakarta, Java, Indonesia)

City photoJakarta hosts numerous festivals and exciting events throughout the year. Anyone who is interested in an authentic cultural experience may want to check the schedule of events before finalising their itinerary, as visiting Jakarta during key festival periods can be a rewarding experience, offering an almost endless choice of things to do.

There are four New Year celebrations observed in Jakarta. The Islamic, Chinese and Balinese communities track the occasion according to their own lunar calendars and offer an array of related events. Meanwhile, the Gregorian New Year takes centre stage on December 31st and is really just a good excuse to party.

Jakarta Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • Islamic New Year - the city's thriving Islamic community celebrates the new year according to the Islamic calendar, so the dates drift each year


  • Chinese New Year - another new year celebration picks up in Jakarta after the Islamic new year. The Chinese community pins its new year to the Chinese lunar calendar


  • Nyepi Day - the Balinese community in Jakarta celebrates its own new year with a solemn Hindu ritual. Participants pass the entire day without moving or making sounds


  • Bendungan Hilir Expo - merchant stalls line Pejompongan Street during this two-week event each April. Betawi musical performances are also featured


  • Indo Dance Festival - held mid-May in the Ancol neighbourhood, featuring modern dance beats, internationally-known DJs and lots of dancing


  • Jakarta Fair - a seven-week festival kicking off in mid-June. Traditional music and dance are staged across the city as part of this fair


  • Jakarta Kite Festival - kite-flying is a long-standing pastime in Indonesia and during this late-July weekend, colourful kites fill the skies across the city


  • Independence Day - Indonesia celebrates its independence from colonialism annually on August 17th. Visitors can enjoy food, music and dancing at Merdeka Square


  • Ramadan - an important Islamic festival lasting for a month, held around September. Shops and restaurants are likely to be closed at this time, especially during daylight hours when participants abstain from eating, drinking and any indulgences


  • Idul Fitri - as the month of Ramadan comes to a close, Muslims across Jakarta don new clothes and attend gatherings with friends and family. This is a peaceful, light-hearted occasion featuring gift-giving


  • Jak Jazz - international jazz musicians take centre stage during this world-class festival held late in November


  • New Year's Eve - Indonesia's capital city hosts a grand celebration on December 31st. Festivities stick to the streets with outdoor concerts, plenty of revelry and a firework finale