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Catch a Train or Bus
Like most people already said, watch your wallet and there aren't that many options at night. Also, the car taxis are pretty expensive, so if you're flying in or out then you should save some extra cash for that.
Posted on 22/6/2010 by William Barrow

Icky and Scratchy
The weather is hot and there are many mosquitoes. Should you take some medicine or lotion to prevent. It is safe at night for women, but it is better be careful of dress.
Posted on 03/11/2009 by Elis R

The Ticket Worth the Show
The Wayans Orang performance is much better in Solo than in other Indonesian tourist cities. Here it is done for the locals and as such the ticket prices are only Rps 3.000. Most of he places to stay that you see online are pretty fancy, expensive hotels. The best thing to do is just get here and then sort out a place.
Posted on 22/9/2009 by Alex Jackson

Re. The Culture is the Highlight
Haha! We did see her too. She gave me some flower mixture to help me with stress - not sure that it actually works, but I love the novelty of it.
Posted on 25/12/2008 by Jon

The Culture is the Highlight
There is not so much to do here, but explore the culture. There are some museums, shops and temples, but nothing that is so fancy. It is more a place to just hand out and relax, get to know the people. My favourite was the little Jamu shop lady with her big basket of herbs - she was very cute.
Posted on 17/8/2008 by Maiken H

A Wee Bit Lost in the Dark
Beware of the pick-pockets. Had my wallet stolen the first night, but the people are harmless otherwise and helpful most of the time. The night is a tad quiet like, other than some restaurants and the Wayang Orang performance.
Posted on 18/7/2008 by Tomas Bell