Borobudur Maps and Orientation

(Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia)

Enjoying a fairly central setting on the island of Java, Borobudur is especially close to Yogyakarta and Solo (Surakarta), and lies directly to the south of Semarang. Borobudur itself is a small and very busy village, with a thriving tourist industry.

Each year, literally thousands of visitors come here to marvel at the magnificent Mahayana Buddhist Monument that is the Borobudur Temple. Magelang and Yogyakarta are the closest cities to the temple and are really just a short drive away.

Maps and Orientation of the Area

In the temple you will find a useful information office, where official guides and maps of the area are available. There is also a BNI cashpoint machine (ATM) located close to the entrance of Borobudur Temple, should you need to withdraw some holiday cash.

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Map of Borobudur

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