Borobudur Restaurants and Dining

(Borobudur, Central Java, Indonesia)

Tourists sightseeing at the Borobudur Temple will often find themselves looking for a bite to eat. Near to the temple and the bus terminal are plenty of traditional outdoor Indonesian restaurants and eateries (warungs) and similar dining establishments, specialising in both Western and Indonesian fare.

Both the Pondok Tinggal Restaurant and the Borobudur Restaurant are close to hand, although often busy at lunchtimes. Another favourite dining venue is the onsite restaurant at the Manohara Hotel, which resides within the actual monument grounds. Those eating out at the Manohara Hotel will be able to sample some tasty Indonesian cuisine, whilst enjoying exquisite views of the neighbouring Borobudur Temple. However, do expect to pay a little more for the sheer convenience.

What to Eat

The cuisine of Java is typically Indonesian in character, with simple dishes and strong, individual flavours. Popular ingredients include lemon grass, coconut, palm sugar, soy sauce and various spices.

In Central Java and around Borobudur, restaurants often serve local specialities, such as 'gudeg' (jackfruit curry), 'ayam goreng' (fried chicken), 'lotek' (vegetables, rice and peanut sauce) and 'pecel lele' (deep-fried catfish). There is certainly a large amount of crossover between the Indonesian cuisine of Central Java and East Java.