Getting Around, Ghana Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Ghana, GH, Western Africa)

View of roads and traffic in AccraGhana isn't a huge country. There are also plenty of transport options. Therefore, travelling around to see all the tourist sights is relatively easy.

Some modes of transport in Ghana, including buses, allow you to travel in relative comfort, whilst others offer an opportunity for visitors to get close to local people travelling the same route. Planning your route and transportation in advance should help you to make the best use of your time and avoid lengthy delays.

Image of the Kotoka International Airport (ACC) at Accra

Kotoka International Airport (ACC) / Arriving by Air

Kotoka International Airport is Ghana's main air hub, with flights operating from many European and US destinations. The airport is located some 10 km / 6 miles from Accra itself. The distance can be covered by taxi, although larger hotels may offer their own transport upon arrival and departure. At the airport, banks and duty free shops are available, along with tourist information. For those wishing to travel by air around Ghana, regional airports are based at Kumasi, Tamale, Sunyani and other destinations as follows:

Downtown picture of Kumasi

Car Rental

Several major rental companies are based in Ghana. Cars can be hired from larger hotels or the airport on arrival. Visitors should note that, when travelling outside of towns and cities, such trips should be restricted to daylight hours. Roads in Ghana are, on the whole, fairly good, although visitors should be prepared to come across pot-holed sections every now and then. Traffic in Accra can also be very heavy.

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The main train station in Accra is located on Nkrumah Avenue / Kinbu Road. From here, visitors can travel to Kumasi or Takoradi. Night services are available, although rail transport during the daytime is rewarded by beautiful view of Ghana's lush forests and wildlife.

Photo of bus transport

Buses and Coaches

Several bus services connect Accra with most major towns, including Kumasi, Takoradi, Tamale and Cape Coast. The STC coach company operates air-conditioning and an express service on some routes.

Advance tickets are available for purchase and are worth buying to avoid finding out the bus is full. For trips to smaller towns and villages, it may be more convenient to travel by minibus or taxi.

Taxi / Tro-Tro

Tro-tros are a popular form of transport, operating on fixed routes in Accra and further afield. The main advantage of these privately owned minibuses is that it gets you around for a minimal cost. However, don't expect a comfortable or particularly safe journey and remember that the tro-tro will only leave once it is full, which could mean an annoying delay if you are keen to get somewhere in a hurry. If you want to travel somewhere that isn't on a fixed route, you will need to take a taxi. Some taxis are metered, which are usually more expensive than unmetered versions.

Ferry photo

Boats and Ferries

A steamer operates on Lake Volta between Akosombo to Yeji. It is possible to take in many villages on the way if you are keen to explore. Ferries also operate on the lake.