Attractions Nearby Ghana, Day Trips and Excursions

(Ghana, GH, Western Africa)

Cote d'Ivoire view, showing Le Plateau at AbidjanGhana borders the Côte d'Ivoire to the west and Togo to the east. In the north, Ghana shares a border with Burkina Faso. All three of these neighbouring countries offer a variety of things to see and do, boasting a multitude of appealing attractions and possible excursions.

Safaris in the nearby national parks of Côte d'Ivoire and southern Burkina Faso are especially popular, while the national museum attractions of Ougadougou, Lomé and Abidjan are all within reach of Ghana and worthy of your consideration.

Further Cote d'Ivoire photo, showing the business district in Abidjan

Côte d'Ivoire

Abidjan, the former capital city of Côte d'Ivoire, lies 418 km / 260 miles west of Accra. Notable sights in the city include the Museé National, as well as the Côte d'Ivoire's national contemporary art museum and an imposing cathedral. Just over the border from Ghana, in the north-east part of Côte d'Ivoire, is one of the largest protected areas in West Africa. The Parc National de la Comoé, which can be visited between November and April, is home to a huge variety of plant life, some 11 species of African monkeys and 17 carnivore species, including lions and leopards. The current capital of Yamoussoukro is also home to more than its fair share of attractions, such as the old Presidential Palace and the Basilica of Our Lady of Peace.

Burkina Faso image of memorial in Ouagadougou

Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso borders on the northern part of Ghana. The nearby capital of Ouagadougou is home to a couple of good museums and several markets. It also the venue for the interesting Moro Naba Ceremony, held early every Friday morning at the Moro Naba Palace. Visitors who prefer to explore the wide open spaces of Burkina's countryside can head to one of the many parks and reserves that can be found in the southern part of the country, including the Parc National des Deux Balés and the Parc National de Tambi Kaboré.

Picture of mosque in Togo's popular city of Sokode


Togo occupies a relatively narrow strip of country that runs alongside Ghana's eastern border. Togo's capital, Lomé, lies on the Gulf of Guinea, some 190 km / 118 miles east of Accra. Lomé's Grand Market is a fascinating mixture of stalls selling everything from jewellery and pottery, to shoes and amulets. Another attraction for visitors is the National Museum of Togo. If you tire of the crowds, Lomé's beaches are also a popular place to while away a few hours. Southern Togo also offers some great scenery. Amidst tree-covered hills is the town of Kpalimé, a popular base from which it is possible to visit the nearby attractions of Kpimé Falls and Mount Agou.