Attractions Nearby Swaziland, Day Trips and Excursions

(Swaziland, SZ, Southern Africa)

Aerial view across the modern Maputo cityscape, in MozambiqueLandlocked Swaziland is surrounded on three sides by neighbouring South Africa, while its eastern border meets with the southern tip of Mozambique. Those planning an excursion to see the attractions of Mozambique should be able to obtain the necessary visas at the chosen border-crossing point.

Many holiday makers in South Africa opt to head over the border to spend a few days touring Swaziland.

Regular buses and bus-taxis make the journey from Swaziland to the main South African cities and attractions, departing from Manzini and Mbabane, and travelling all the way to Park Station in Johannesburg.

Further rooftop picture of Maputo, Mozambique


Mozambique's capital, Maputo, is within a short distance of Swaziland. Most of Mozambique's main attractions can be found in Maputo, including its Central Market, Botanical Gardens, Fortress, Railway Station and several beautiful beaches. Further attractions in Mozambique include a series of enticing coastal resorts, boasting modern waterfront hotels and plenty of scuba diving opportunities. Particularly special is the Bazaruto Archipelago, which sits to the east of the Zinave National Park and draws thousands of sun-seeking tourists each year.

Also worth a visit here are the game reserves, which are in the process of being revived following the country's lengthy civil war. Just a relatively short distance to the east of Swaziland (roughly 140 km / 87 miles from Siteki) is the Maputo Special Reserve, which is also named the Elephant Game Reserve and has an important and steadily increasing number of elephants. Situated to the north and bordering the Kruger National Park is the Limpopo National Park (Parque Nacional do Limpopo), which also touches the border of Zimbabwe and contains buffalos, elephants, hippos, leopards, lions and white rhinos, amongst other creatures.

Picture of attractions in Cape Town, South Africa, south-west of Swaziland

South Africa

Johannesburg is the nearest major urban centre to Swaziland's border, being located next to Pretoria. This South African city sprawls over a vast area and is a lively, cosmopolitan place. Major attractions include the Planetarium, Johannesburg Zoo, Gold Reef City and the township of Soweto. Johannesburg's tumultuous history is revealed through its many museums.

Another popular place to visit from Swaziland is South Africa's nearby Kruger National Park, which lies directly to the north and is famous for its safari opportunities. One of the biggest of all the African game reserves, the Kruger National Park is called home by a wide variety of native animals, including the likes of blue wildebeest, buffalo, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes, hippos, hyenas, leopards, lions, rhinos (both black and white), wild dogs and zebras (Burchell's).

Further photograph of Cape Town, showing Table MountainBordering the northern side of Swaziland is the Songimvelo Game Reserve, along with the Barberton Nature Reserve. To the south, you will find the Ithala, Mkhuze and Zululand reserves.

Further south of Swaziland is the coastal city of Durban, and if you continue along the shoreline you will reach Port Shepstone, East London, Port Elizabeth, and eventually the South African capital of Cape Town. Lying on the far south-western coast, Cape Town is famed for its centrally located Table Mountain and pretty waterfront.