Swaziland Maps and Orientation

(Swaziland, SZ, Southern Africa)

View of the Bulembu area of SwazilandLocated on the far southern side of Africa, between South Africa and Mozambique, the Kingdom of Swaziland is occasionally referred to as either Swatini or Ngwane. Swaziland is located along a geological fault, running all the way from Lesotho's Drakensberg Mountains to Kenya's Great Rift Valley, passing through Zimbabwe's Eastern Highlands.

The country of Swaziland comprises a real assortment of landscapes, with mountains bordering Mozambique, lush rainforest within its north-westerly region, and easterly savannas. Lying alongside an escarpment, westerly Swaziland enjoys an elevated setting.

Maps and Orientation of the Country

Mbabane, the capital city, resides within an especially scenic location, on the Highveld - which averages a 1,200-metre / 3,937-foot altitude. With a lower altitude, the Middleveld (roughly 700 metres / 2,297 feet above sea level) is the country's most densely populated area, while the Lowveld region has a considerably lower altitude of roughly 250 metres / 820 feet.

Apart from Mbabane, other notable towns and cities in Swaziland include:

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