Swaziland Shopping and Districts

(Swaziland, SZ, Southern Africa)

Image of shops and craft centres in MbabaneWhen it comes to shopping, Swaziland is well known for its abundance of craft centres and markets. It's possible to buy pretty much everything from traditionally made candles and ethnic T-shirts to woven mats and hand-blown vases. There are also plenty of other opportunities for shopping, including roadside stalls, souvenir shops and small grocery stores.

Craft centres abound in Swaziland. In particular, Piggs Peak is home to the Peak Craft Centre, which sells a range of decorative items for the home, including cushions and rugs. Nearby is Tintsaba Crafts, a shop specialising in baskets, mats and trays. In the Malkerns Valley, you can pick up some rather beautiful batiks, as well as woven grass products, including baskets and mats.

Picture of shopping opportunities and tourists

Where to Shop

Malkerns is also the home of Swazi Candles, a centre of traditional Swazi candlemaking where visitors can observe the manufacturing process before they buy. The Ezulwini Valley is home to several craft centres and shops, including the Mantenga Craft Centre and African Queen.

If you're looking for decorative glass, the best place to head for is the Ngwenya Glass Village, which has acquired a significant reputation in recent years, both in Swaziland and further afield.

Photo of traditional market stalls in SwazilandSwaziland's traditional markets also have a great deal to offer. One of the best is the Manzini Market, which is situated on the corner of Mancishane Street and Mhlakuvane Street, where it takes place on the mornings of Thursday and Friday.

A large market is also held in Mbabane. Smaller markets can be found in Matata, Siteki and Lavumisa. Markets are a great opportunity to pick up unusual souvenirs, as well as groceries, clothing and herbal medicines.

For Western-style shopping, Mbabane, the Ezulwini Valley and Manzini are the best places to visit. Shopping centres in Mbabane include the Swazi Plaza, which sells everything from groceries to electrical goods, along with the New Mall, the Emphalwini Mall and the Omni Centre. Manzini has the Bhunu Mall, while in Ezulwini, the Gables Shopping Centre is home to various stores, including a supermarket.