Attractions Nearby Tunisia, Day Trips and Excursions

(Tunisia, TN, North Africa)

Tunisia is geographically located along the top edge of North Africa. Thus, it is bordered by the Mediterranean coast to the north. To the east is Libya and to the west lies Algeria.

Despite their relative proximity, Tunisia's neighbours are very different places, with different cultures, attractions and historical backgrounds. In addition, they offer very different opportunities for visitors.

Bearing in mind the political instability that has been felt in this part of Africa in recent months and years, it is always wise for travellers to check in advance for any recommendations when planning excursions to Algeria or Libya.


Northern Algeria borders on the western part of Tunisia. The capital city of Algiers, situated in the central region of Algeria, has plenty to offer its visitors, including several interesting museums, historic attractions and important old monuments. Nearer to the Tunisian border is Batna, located amidst a mountainous landscape. The sand dunes of the vast Sahara Desert in the south of Algeria continue to fascinate visitors to this country.


Nearby Libya borders on the Mediterranean Sea to the north and Tunisia to the west. Normally, travellers between Tunisia and Libya can travel via the border crossing at Ras Jedir. However, continuing political instability in Libya means that visits to this country are strongly discouraged at present.

A huge proportion of Libya is made up of desert. Inhabited by prehistoric people and many occupying forces, including Greeks, Romans and Byzantines, and in more recent times Italians, Libya has several interesting sites where ancient ruins can be seen.


As the crow flies, a mere 308 miles / 500 km separate the island of Malta from Tunisia's coast. A plane journey between the two is relatively quick and services connecting these two countries operate regularly. Various ferry services are also on offer as an alternative to flying.

Malta has long been a popular holiday destination, with its beautiful beaches. Other tourist attractions on the island include the 16th-century St. John's Cathedral in Valletta. Malta's sister islands - Gozo and Comino, are also easily accessible.