Tunisia Beaches and Water Sports

(Tunisia, TN, North Africa)

Northern Africa boasts some of the very best beaches in the world and a number of these reside within Tunisia itself. Many of the country's most noteworthy coastal resorts manage to attract independent travellers, rather than targeting the package holiday crowd, with their beaches often remaining far from crowded.

The hot summers of Tunisia are accompanied by pleasantly mild and sunny winters, meaning that beach holidays are possible for the majority of the year. Tourists can expect a more rugged coastline around northern Tunisia, where Sidi Ali El Mekki is a notable highlight, while soft sands backed by palm trees await beachgoers around Djerba.

The lengthy Carthage coastline offers an assortment of upscale Mediterranean seaside resorts and suburbs, where you can enjoy views across the Gulf of Tunis.

General Information

Other popular beaches in Tunisia include those around Tabarka, located roughly 15 minutes to the west of the Tabarka 7 Novembre International Airport. Here, sunseekers can enjoy superb snorkelling and scuba diving opportunities, exploring the coral landscape beneath the surface of the Mediterranean whilst enjoying a unique backdrop provided by both the Khroumerie Mountains and a historic Genoese castle.

Located some 64 km / 40 miles to the south-east of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, the beach of Hammamet will certainly not disappoint with its soft golden sand fronted by a string of low-rise hotels. Hammamet is amongst Tunisia's busiest beaches, since this spot is a firm favourite with the European package tourist (especially the French and Germans). The crowds enjoy many unusual experiences here, including camel rides down to the beachfront itself.

Found on the east shore of Tunisia and within the Gulf of Gabès, the Kerkennah Islands certainly deserve a strong mention when it comes to beach holidays. When locals from mainland Tunisia choose to holiday here, you know that you are on to something good. Lying on the island of Chergui, Sidi Frej is a very low-key resort, perfect for families, with the beachfront Cercina Hotel proving to be a sound choice for seafront accommodation. Chergui's principal town of Remla is filled with interest and offers memorable seafood dining. To get here, you will need to catch one of the regular Sonotrak ferries from mainland Sfax.

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