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Photo showing Benghazi Zoo (Al Fuwayhat) in Libya

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Re. Don't leave the capital without visiting this!
I visited Libya for the first time around a year before you went. Couldn't agree more about making sure you visit it before leaving Tripoli but, after having visited in March of this year, I'm afraid to suggest the attraction might be closed! Please ask around before venturing to the museum, if possible.
Posted on 21/3/2012 by Grant Marshall

Don't leave the capital without visiting this!
We flew to Tripoli from London and decided to have a few days in the Libyan capital before moving on. To anyone that will spend time in the capital, I kindly demand that you don't leave without first paying the Jamahiriya Museum a visit! I learned so much about Libya's rich history there!
Posted on 23/4/2011 by Robert Patrice

The Medina
The Medina part of Tripoli is regarded as being the city's Old Town area. It is easy to get to once you find some way of reaching Green Square. Once you get there though, you will be blown away by the wonderful mosques and homes that sit peacefully by the side of the bustling market, which is full of shops and stalls.
Posted on 16/7/2010 by L Tolhurst

Ancient yet still intact
The Red Castle was my personal favourite attraction in Tripoli. It has been meticulously preserved and is still intact. Thankfully, our hotel was close enough so that we could enjoy a pleasant morning stroll to the castle. Due to its standing as one of Tripoli's main draws, expect big crowds.
Posted on 18/2/2009 by Beth Little

World Heritage Site
We didn't spend much time in Tripoli upon arriving in Libya and instead headed straight to Ghat. This was mainly because we wanted to see Akakus Desert. The attraction, a World Heritage Site, is beyond description so I won't try putting it into words. All I will say is that it is a must-visit.
Posted on 20/3/2008 by Faith Lllamas