Libya Beaches and Water Sports

(Libya, LY, North Africa)

View of the Green Mountains (Jebel Akhdar)If you were to list the top beach destinations in Africa, Libya would certainly not rank anywhere near the top, and yet this country does boast some rather spectacular and memorable sandy beaches.

Often backed by tropical palm trees and made up of fine white sand, the beaches of Libya lie along a 2,000-km / 1,240-mile coastline and are some of the lengthiest fronting the Mediterranean Sea. However, don't come expecting extensive seaside facilities and water sports - most are deserted, remote and quite wild in their appearance. Scuba diving is possible at some locations, particularly around the most tourist-friendly cities.

Libya scenic coastal view

General Information

Located on the north-westerly shore of Libya and alongside the city of Zuwarah (Zwara) are some fine beaches. Just over 40 km / 25 miles to the east, Sabratha comes with sizeable beachfronts and good amenities, with the pristine Tileel Beach being one of the very best.

Always popular with holiday makers is Ras Alteen Beach, with the coast itself being a site of archeological interest. To the far east of Ras Alteen, the Toburk Battlefield makes for a worthy excursion, being roughly two and a half hours away.

Photo showing coastal ruins at Sabratha, in north-western LibyaNorth-eastern Libya also comes with some more than decent beaches and up-and-coming resort towns. Next to the Greek ruins of Apollonia, the town of Ras al Hamam is famed for its spectacular scenery and panoramas. Also in north-eastern Libya are the beaches surrounding the busy city of Benghazi, where many condominium resorts (chalets) are now present, especially at Al-Nakheel Beach. For water sports in Benghazi, head on down to the Milaha Club and try your hand at wind surfing, or simply enjoy a leisurely swim.

The capital city of Tripoli, lying in north-western Libya and between Al Khoms (east) and Zuwarah (west), is understandably home to some of the most commercial beaches and seaside attractions, with the seafront Sharia al-Corniche road and the Municipal Beach being real highlights here. There are also reasonable beaches and scenic stretches of Libyan coastline around Ajdabiya, Al Khoms, El Garabulli, Misrata, Ras Lanuf, Sirt, Tajura, Tobruk and Tocra, while the rocky hillside beaches at the Green Mountain Sea Resort also deserve a mention.