Hurghada Shopping and Districts

(Hurghada, Egypt)

Image of the Bazaar in El-DaharAs a particularly popular Egyptian tourist destination, Hurghada is home to a large selection of shops and shopping malls, many of which are aimed at visitors to the area.

You can except to find a huge number of clothing stores and fashion boutiques, where rather expensive T-shirts are often for sale.

Diving shops are also in plentiful supply here, selling snorkelling equipment, flippers, goggles and more besides.

Photo of local market

When to Shop and Opening Hours

Many shops in the Hurghada area remain closed all day on Fridays and also on public holidays. Also worth noting, some shops also choose to remain closed on Sundays.

View of central shops and restaurants

Where to Shop

Gift shops are in abundance around Hurghada and popular souvenirs include jewellery, perfumes, painted papyrus, trinkets, pots, rugs, postcards, statues and more, with a huge selection of shops around the downtown district and within the foyers of the biggest hotels.

Bargaining is of course inevitable and most shop keepers and market stall holders in Hurghada enjoy a good haggle, provided that you remain friendly and are not aggressive. Aim to purchase most items at around 70% of their price, starting your negotiations at no more than 50% of the asking price.

Picture of market streetVarious grocery stores can be found around central Hurghada and the Sakala district, where the Abu Ashara store is worth searching out. The Abu Ashara is known for its helpful staff and good selection of inexpensive snack food, refreshments and bottled water, ideal for those choosing to self-cater during their stay in this part of Egypt.

A number of charming local shops reside in the Ad-Dahar district, particularly around the 'souq' area. Many inexpensive antiquities are for sale here and most shopkeepers have a bewildering array of merchandise on offer, often hanging all around the shop door in an attempt to entice you inside.