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Diamond Red Sea Diving
I absolutely loved my time diving here, and the bright colours underwater were fantastic. The instructor was really friendly, and he made sure that everything was fine, making the experience even better. I loved it so much that I returned again during the holiday, and after I knew what I would be doing, I had even more fun. You must go here if you're nearby, and I would love to go again.
Posted on 29/7/2014 by Isabella

Spectacular Scuba Diving in Hurghada
We came to Hurghada for the scuba diving and were not disappointed. The Red Sea was lovely are warm, and really clear. We were treated to visions of colourful fish, darting in and out of the coral reef, some of which were very large. It is quite inexpensive to go diving here and equipment can be rented all over the resort.
Posted on 11/07/2007 by Kay Thorpe

Riding a Camel
A number of the hotels in Hurghada actually keep their very own camels, which are used to take hotel guests out for a ride. You can usually negotiate a fairly reasonable price and it is a lot of fun, particularly when you dismount - hold on tight!
Posted on 6/06/2007 by Anon

On a boat with a glass bottom
We didn't fancy scuba diving as we came to Hurghada with young children, so we decided to opt for a trip of a glass bottom boat. It lasted around two hours in total and was a great way to experience what is beneath the surface of the Red Sea. It was cheap and we did come across some nice sections of reef with pretty fish.
Posted on 20/04/2007 by Mr. M. Campbell-Smith

Go for a Snorkel in Hurghada
Snorkelling will never quite be the experience that you will get out of scuba diving, although it is worth having a go if you are here. Sadly a lot of the coral reefs frequented by snorkellers have been damaged, so do not think that this is going to be quite what you see on television, but it is still good. Take a snorkelling trip for the best spots. These can last all day and generally include lunch. They are around 25 to 35 euros usually.
Posted on 20/04/2007 by Mr. M. Campbell-Smith

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