Hurghada Restaurants and Dining

(Hurghada, Egypt)

Photo showing entrance to the Felfela RestaurantIt will come as no surprise that Hurghada caters well for visitors looking to eat out and with such a diverse population and flood of incoming tourists, restaurants here suit all tastes. Whether you are looking for a traditional dish of kushari (rice, macaroni and chickpeas), a tasty soup made from seasonal vegetables, or even a takeaway pizza, Hurghada has it all.

When to Eat / Opening Hours

Most restaurants and eateries around Hurghada open between midday and midnight, although some cafes do open earlier, with some serving breakfast options from 07:00 onwards. The month of Ramadan can cause problems for visitors, with this historic fast meaning that almost all restaurants across Egypt close until sundown, except for a few tucked away in top hotels. However, Ramadan does have the advantage that almost every night has a party atmosphere and plenty of food to go around.

View of outdoor seating at the Felfela Restaurant

What to Eat

When dining out in Egypt, be sure to sample the local cuisine. There is a good selection of simple, tasty and sometimes spicy dishes that really do appeal to most palates. Apart from the staple of kushari, other popular dishes that you can expect include 'mezza' breads, traditional Egyptian salads, flame-grilled kebabs and a variety of seasonal fresh fruit. Hurghada's stunning coastal position also means that seafood dishes are plentiful, with various meaty fishes often being baked in salt or grilled over hot coals.

Where to Eat

Many of the cheapest restaurants in Hurghada are concentrated around the Ad-Dahar area, including a number of more Western-style dining options, such as the Pizza Tarboush along Sharia Abdel Aziz Mustafa and the cafe Cheers on the Corniche, where burgers, sandwiches and cold beers are served 24-hours a day.

Further picture of Felfela Restaurant viewsA good variety of more mid-range dining options are also to be found in the Ad-Dahar district on Hurghada, being particularly clustered around the souq (market). These include both the Mandarine Lebanese Restaurant on the Corniche and the Portofino on Sharia Say-yed al-Qorayem, where a mixture of Italian and Egyptian dishes are on offer.

One of the best selections of restaurants in Hurghada stand in the Sigala area and along the main Resort Strip, with new dining options seeming to open all the time. Notable eateries here include the Rossi Restaurant on the Sharia Sheraton, the Da Nanni Pizzeria on Sharia al-Hadaba, Bulls Steakhouse along the strip, and the stunning Felfela Restaurant, which boasts magnificent sea views and vistas.