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Photo of Bukoba town, located on the north-western side of Tanzania

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Re. Worth it for the elephants alone
Trevor, if you liked the elephants in particular, I recommend that you visit the Ngurdoto Crater. It is actually inside Arusha National Park and its swampy environment is laden with elephants, as well as other animals such as Colobus monkeys and buffalo.
Posted on 9/12/2011 by Katie Fowler

Worth it for the elephants alone
I never saw so many elephants gathered in the same place until I went to Arusha National Park in Tanzania. I recommend that you put aside at least a day to see all there is on show. Didn't try them, but I've heard that some of the game drives are excellent.
Posted on 19/11/2011 by Trevor Dalley

Lots to see and do here
We dedicated an afternoon to the Cultural Heritage Centre in Arusha but it wasn't enough! Regardless of that though, it surpassed our expectations and what we saw gave us a great insight into both African history and African culture. Cheap entry too!
Posted on 18/2/2010 by Edgar Voltenger

Beautiful African mountains
I think that the Samara Mountains were the most beautiful part of such a beautiful country. We found that they were great for mountain biking too and allowed us to take a closer look at how those out of urban Tanzania live their lives. The people in the small communities were so friendly!
Posted on 17/6/2009 by Faye Ashton

The name is deceiving!
Don't be deceived by Prison Island's name - it is nowhere near as gloomy as it sounds. We were blown away by the day we spent on the island and the photos we took of the giant tortoise it plays host to were among our favourites when comparing those we took in the Zanzibar area.
Posted on 29/7/2008 by Julia Brinkley