Tanzania Beaches and Water Sports

(Tanzania, TZ, East Africa)

Photo of beachfront nearby Dar es SalaamBounded along its eastern border by the Indian Ocean, Tanzania boasts a series of enticing beaches and seaside resorts. Right in the centre of this coastline is the largest city in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam, where there are more than a few sandy stretches and appealing beach villages, such as Gendayeka and Kipepeo.

As you head southwards from Dar es Salaam, many of the best beaches present themselves, suiting those looking to sunbathe on a tropical expanse of soft white sand. The most noteworthy in this part of Tanzania include those of Jangwani, Kunduchi and Mjimwema, as well as Oyster Bay (Koko / Coco Beach).

Coastal view of Lake Tanganyika, an Africa Great Lake

General Information

Coco Beach is especially popular with Dar es Salaam holiday makers and locals alike, often becoming packed with sunbathers at the weekends. This stretch provides very pleasant seaside scenery, good amenities and plenty of opportunities to pick up refreshments. However, Oyster Bay has also been known for its past shark attacks (Zambezi / bull sharks), and so swimming here is perhaps best avoided.

Zanzibar features some of the finest and most spectacular of Tanzania's beaches. These are at their most special along the northern and eastern shoreline of Unguja island, where you can expect fine white coral sand and numerous coral reefs. However, it should be noted that it is only possible to swim here at certain times, due to low tides.

Picture showing Stone Town's popular Fumba Beach, ZanzibarWater sports are another good reason why Tanzania holiday makers choose to pay a visit to Zanzibar. A choice of well-equipped, specialist operators provide scuba diving and snorkelling excursions, being members of the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI).

Located at Stone Town, the Zanzibar Dive Centre (One Ocean) is worth looking out for if you are visiting Unguja and looking for a memorable diving trip, while on the island of Pemba, the Manta Reef Lodge is a good bet for experienced scuba divers.