Attractions Nearby Kenya, Day Trips and Excursions

(Kenya, KE, East Africa)

View showing Ethiopia's Blue Nile river and Tisisat FallsA vast country packed with attractions, national parks and endless safari options, Kenya is bordered by a number of appealing countries, which are often of interest for those looking for a fuller African experience. Many people who take an excursion to nearby Ethiopia are surprised to find that this country is far from being nothing more than arid desert, and is in fact really very green, being dominated by mountains such as the Bale and the Simien.

Also neighbouring Kenya are the attractions of Tanzania, which include Mount Kilimanjaro, the Mafia Island Marine Park and the Serengeti Plains. Those choosing to head westwards to Uganda can expect to find that indigenous mountain gorillas are something of a tourism magnet, together with endless national parks and the Ssese Islands, on Victoria Lake.

Picture of the upmarket Sheraton resort in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Ethiopia lies on the northern borders of Kenya. Whilst its recent history has been peppered with civil unrest and famine, a visit to Ethiopia will be rewarded by a fascinating glimpse into Africa's ancient history and culture. Formerly known as Abyssinia, it is possible to date its culture back over three centuries. No surprise then that Ethiopia has become a haven for archaeology enthusiasts. The capital city of Addis Ababa is home to numerous religious monuments, as well as an impressive local market.


The country of Somalia lies to the east of Kenya, on the Horn of Africa, and comes with its very own selection of unique African attractions, many of which are based within its capital of Mogadishu, where the Arba-Rucun Mosque (Mosque of the four pillars) is a particular highlight. However, it should be strongly noted that Somalia is not generally considered to be safe for sightseeing and independent travel, due to violence, and so tourists should always seek some expert guidance before planning a visit.

Photo of Stone Town (Mji Mkongwe), part of Zanzibar in Tanzania


Across Kenya's southern border, Tanzania has plenty of attractions to tempt visitors. Top of the list must be Mount Kilimanjaro, an increasingly popular hiking destination for those in search of the ultimate adventure. Nearby Lake Natron is also worth a visit, if only to see for yourself the strange lunar landscape that surrounds it. It has to be said that the nearby Serengeti National Park is the jewel in Tanzania's crown. The Serengeti is perhaps best known for being home to one of the last surviving animal migratory systems.

Image of the Kampala cityscape in Uganda


If you have an image of what an African country is going to be like, then nearby Uganda may well tick many of the boxes. Natural reserves include the likes of Queen Elizabeth Park, home to an abundance of big game. The splendour of Lake Victoria with its myriad of islands also can't fail to impress. And if you decide to sample city life, the capital city of Kampala is a fascinating mix of old and new, with traditional markets just a street away from modern high rise office buildings and Western-style shopping centres.