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Mount Kenya
Hiking up Mount Kenya was an amazing experience, and definitely one I will remember. I spent two days there, and the views were breathtaking. We managed to reach the mountaintop in the morning, which meant we had incredible sights of the sunset. This is a must if you are planning to go to Kenya and enjoy walking.
Posted on 10/8/2015 by Coffee Lover

Kenya visit
Kenya is a terrible place to be! There is so much violence and uncivilized people! I hated our trip there and will never go again, even if it means killing my self...yes I hated it that much!

Posted on 14/1/2014 by poop

Re. From one jungle to another
I'm glad you enjoyed my city! Another escape from its chaos that I would want to recommend is Nyali Beach. I'm sure that most people aren't even aware of it. Kenyans definitely are though, so it might be busy sometimes, particularly at the weekend, but at under five miles from the CBD it should never be difficult to access.
Posted on 27/1/2012 by Ruby

From one jungle to another
I loved Mombasa but sometimes its hustle and bustle was a little too dominant. We looked to escape the concrete jungle by visiting a greener one in Haller Park. Ok, so it wasn't as wild as the landscape must be in Kenya's countryside, but it was still a welcomed break to pounding the city streets.
Posted on 24/1/2012 by Christopher Denham

Mombasa's biggest attraction
Fort Jesus Museum is apparently Mombasa's biggest attraction in popularity, and not in size, and I can see why it is such a hit. Easy to find close to the Old Town and I'm sure that tourists of all age can enjoy something from their visit.
Posted on 21/10/2011 by Jack Pollock

The best national park I've ever seen
A bold statement I know, but Nairobi National Park is hands down the best outdoor attraction I've ever visited and was the highlight of our time in Kenya. I can't put my finger on why, but there is just something so moving about seeing a noble black rhino minding it is own business against the backdrop of the Kenyan capital's skyline.
Posted on 12/9/2010 by Luke Morris

Out of Africa
Out of Africa is one of my favourite novels of all time, which meant that it took me no time at all to decide whether or not to visit the former residence of the book's author, Karen Blixen, which has now been turned into a museum. My personal favourite attraction in Nairobi!
Posted on 15/7/2009 by Danny Thompson