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(Durham, North Carolina - NC, USA)

Durham in North Carolina (NC), was transformed into a wealthy city by the fortunes of farmer Washington Duke, founder of Durham's famous American Tobacco Company in the latter part of the 19th century. Today, several of Durham's historic tobacco warehouses have been renovated, creating the Brightleaf Square shopping area in downtown Durham, at Gregson Street and Main Street.

Following a donation of some $40 million from the Duke family in the 1920s, the Trinity College in Durham was transformed into the vast Duke University campus. One of the area's leading universities, notable points of interest at Durham's Duke University include a cathedral-style chapel housing a grand pipe organ, and the landscaped Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

The Durham / Raleigh area of North Carolina has long embraced tourism and welcomes visitors. The main tourist information outlet in Durham is the Visitors Center along East Morgan Street, which is open from Monday to Saturday. Here you will find countless leaflets about Durham's many tourist attractions, together with information about lodging, restaurants, shopping, tourism and travel advice, and a 24-hour recording of the area's current events.

The city offers a variety of accommodation, with hotels in downtown Durham being particularly popular. Further hotels in Durham can be found around Duke University, Brightleaf Square, the West Point district and near to the Raleigh / Durham International Airport (RDU), which is situated on the southeastern side of central Durham. More information about Durham Hotels.

Durham offers some excellent tourist attractions, including the Duke Chapel - an imposing chapel, originally built as a replica of Canterbury Cathedral in England; the Sarah P. Duke Gardens - with 55 acres / 22 hectares of stunning gardens, parklands and pathways; and the nearby city of Raleigh - the vibrant state capital with many sightseeing opportunities, just a short trip from Durham. More information about Durham Tourist Attractions.

Some of Durham's best museums and art galleries include the North Carolina Central University Art Museum - featuring an impressive collection of African-American art works; and the North Carolina Museum of Life and Science - providing a diverse selection of attractions and educational information, ranging from prehistoric to modern-day animals. More information about Durham Museums and Art Galleries.

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