Chicago Churches and Cathedrals

(Chicago, Illinois - IL, USA)

There are an enormous number of beautiful churches and cathedrals in Chicago and most are in superb condition. Here is a selection, which are well worth a visit.

Chicago Churches

Holy Name Cathedral

Address: 735 North State Street, Chicago, 60611, Illinois, USA
Tel: +1 312 787 8040
The Holy Name Cathedral is situated on the north side of Chicago and is one of the main Catholic churches in the city. With superb and highly detailed Gothic-style architecture and a stunning and vast interior, this beautiful cathedral dates back to the 13th century. This popular cathedral attracts large numbers of residents and tourists alike, due to both its central location and impressive architecture.

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Address: 1017 North La Salle Street, Chicago, 60610, Illinois, USA
Tel: +1 312 664 5485
Annunciation Greek Orthodox Cathedral is located on the north side of the city and was based on the Greek Cathedral Church in Athens, with a large dome in the center of the structure. Highlights include many beautiful stained glass windows which were added in 1938, and also a large and impressive auditorium area.

Chicago Loop Synagogue

Address: 16 South Clark Street, Chicago, 60603, Illinois, USA
Tel: +1 312 346 7370
The Chicago Loop Synagogue is situated in the Loop district of Chicago, between several large office blocks. This beautiful church was built in 1929 and highlights include a grand entrance with tall columns, an enormous stained glass window, a large, modern auditorium seating up to 500 people, a marble arch and stunning architecture.

St. James Cathedral

Address: 65 East Huron Street, Chicago, 60611, Illinois, USA
Tel: +1 312 787 7360
St. James Cathedral is full of history and much of the original building was badly damaged in the Great Fire of 1871. This cathedral is the oldest Episcopal church in Chicago and was visited by Abraham Lincoln in 1860, just after he became the president of America. Many parts of the original structure remain, including the bell tower and cathedral wall, which were constructed in 1857.