Estes Park Events and Festivals

(Estes Park, Colorado - CO, USA)

Photo of Estes Park marching paradeThose holidaying in Estes Park will find that there are always things to do and events to enjoy, particularly if you are prepared to travel a little. Many of the main local festivals relate to the scenic mountainous landscape of the Rockies, which surrounding Estes Park and offers nothing short of an extreme playground for the adventurous.

Summer in Estes Park is the time of the year when the most is happening, with seasonal events and celebrations ranging from heritage festivals and jazz concerts, to marathon racing, cowboy-style rodeos, bagpipes and caber tossing, and various parades.

Estes Park Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015

Refer to the local visitors center on Big Thompson Avenue for the lasting up-to-date listings, to make sure that you're not missing out of something worthwhile.

  • Image This Festival - mid-February, a very family-orientated event, with live music and entertainment appealing to children of all ages. Hands-on activities are also available and including paintings, pottery and fun sculptures
  • Winter Trails Day - mid-February, a thrilling chance to take a guided walk in the snow, through the trails around the Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Dog Shows - mid-April, hosted on the grounds of the YMCA of the Rockies, on Tunnel Road. Different dog shows are also held later in the year, in mid-June, early August and at the beginning and end of September
  • Estes Park Jazz Festival - mid-May, with big band performances, a number of acclaimed international jazz artists and open-air concerts aplenty
  • Memorial Day Weekend / Estes Park Antiques and Collectibles Show - late May, with fairgrounds at the Stanley Park
  • Wool Market - mid-June, amongst the biggest of its kind in the whole of North America
  • Estes Park Marathon - mid-June, a well-supported race through the town center and around Mary's Lake
  • Scandinavian Midsummer Festival - late June, held around the longest day (Summer Solstice), with festivities based around Bond Park and including folk dancing
  • Independence Day Celebration - July 4th, boasting one of Colorado's most extravagant fireworks displays, along with a 'patriotic concert'
  • Rooftop Rodeo - mid-July, a chance to experience a true Colorado rodeo, with roping events, horseback riding, prize giving, line dancing and lots of 'Yee-ha' excitement
  • Heritage Festival - late August, first held in 2004 and now very much an annual event in Estes Park, transporting people back in time with a range of historical activities, such as wagons at the MacGregor Ranch, or a ride on a restored and fully-operational Stanley Steamer car
  • John Denver Tribute Concert - mid- / late August, at Stanley Park's Rodeo Arena Fairgrounds, watched by large crowds each year
  • Longs Peak Scottish / Irish Highland Festival - early September, dating back more than 30 years and generally known locally as simply the 'Scotfest', featuring huge marching bands with bagpipes, the Estes Tattoo, the Longs Peak Concert, and lots of kilts and sporrans! Based on the Estes Park Festival Field and also at the Municipal Building on Elkhorn Avenue
  • Estes Park Film Festival - mid-September, attracting many international and local filmmakers, with screenings of all categories at the Park Theater, at the Stanley Hotel and also at the Lake Shore Lodge
  • Autumn Gold - late September, a festival of live blues and folk music, hot food and cold beer, celebrating the arrival of the fall colors
  • Elk Fest - early October, when visitors to Estes Park are able to observe local Elk during their rutting season. The Elk Festival also incorporates story telling, archery and other outdoor activities
  • Holiday Parades - late November / early December, with Yuletide festivities, carnival processions of winter floats, and various seasonal choir concerts