San Diego Restaurants and Dining

(San Diego, California - CA, USA)

Not so long ago, San Diego was not highly regarded for its culinary delights and restaurants, but things have changed dramatically over the last decade on the dining front. San Diego's dining scene has exploded and a whole range of restaurants dishing up all sorts of culinary treats from around the world are now on offer throughout San Diego.

Seafood restaurants in San Diego are highly popular, as is Mexican food, while the Asian restaurant scene has really taken off. Downtown San Diego, La Jolla and Hillcrest offer the most diverse dining options, while Old Town San Diego is where people head for the obligatory Mexican restaurants, with meals are often accompanied by a margarita and mariachi music.

Opening Hours

Cafés and bakeries in San Diego open early for breakfast, with many staying open throughout the day. Most San Diego restaurants open for lunch and dinner, with many dining venues staying open late, especially on Friday and Saturday nights in and around the Mission Bay and downtown areas. Resort restaurants in San Diego are normally open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and plenty of chain restaurants can be found in the shopping malls of Mission Valley. Downtown San Diego is home to a few midnight eateries catering for partygoers.

Wine and Beer

The nightlife in San Diego is lively, yet at the same time relaxed. You will find laid-back beach bars and chic cocktail bars lining the beaches, while downtown San Diego is home to numerous pubs, nightclubs and music venues that are open well into the early hours of the morning. Friday and Saturday nights are the most popular nights to go out in the San Diego area.


Downtown San Diego is home to numerous great eateries and cafés that open early to cater for the business crowd, while La Jolla and Hillcrest boast popular and busy cafés serving delicious food for breakfast and brunch. San Diego's beaches also offer some great all-day breakfast joints and early-morning dining options.


San Diego's downtown district more than accommodates business folks and others out for a quick and delicious meal, while the shopping malls of Mission Valley offer all the major chain restaurants and fast-food outlets. Pizza places, steakhouses and grills are all popular lunch options in San Diego, serving top notch local and international cuisine, while a seafood meal overlooking sunny Mission Bay should not be missed. If you find yourself in Old Town San Diego, then Mexican is the order of the day here.


Downtown San Diego is home to almost 100 different restaurants, with many housed in charming Victorian buildings, while La Jolla and Hillcrest have dining options that are more upmarket and diverse.