Monterrey Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

(Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico)

Photo of water park at the Parque Plaza SesamoTourist attractions for all of the family can be found both in and around the Mexican city of Monterrey. Close to the city centre and located alongside Monterrey Zoo, the Magic Forest theme park (Bosque Mágico) is filled with exciting attractions suiting both children and adults alike.

On a hot day, the water park area of the Sesame Street Amusement Park (Parque Plaza Sésamo) quickly becomes one of the most popular tourist attractions in the whole of Monterrey and offers a great way to cool down. For something a little different, consider a trip to the Monterrey Planetarium, where regular Planetario Alfa Sky Shows offer an insight into the planets around us. These tourist attractions and more are described below.

Different picture of the Sesame Street Park

Parque Plaza Sésamo (Sesame Street Amusement Park)

Address: Agricola 3700-1 Ote, Col Agricola, Monterrey, 64590, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 81 8354 0390
Filled with attractions for children of all ages and a host of familiar television characters and attractions from Sesame Street, the Parque Plaza Sésamo is an appealing theme park, with a number of fast rides and an extensive water park area. Opened in 1995, when visiting the Monterrey Sesame Street Amusement Park, keep an eye out for the Cookie Monster, Big Bird and many more favourites, whilst enjoying superb views across the Cerro de la Silla.
Open hours: daily - seasonal variations
Admission: charge, concessions

Bosque Mágico (The Magic Forest)

Address: Parque la Pastora, Avenida Eloy Cavazos y Pablo Livas, Colonia La Pastora, Guadalupe, 67140, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 81 8367 4622
Close to the nearby zoo and located within Parque La Pastora (Pastora Park), the Magic Forest theme park is known locally in Monterrey as the Bosque Mágico. Home to a fast roller coaster and more than 30 different rides, this popular amusement park can be reached in around ten minutes from the heart of the city, with other attractions include a series of side stalls, seasonal shows, eateries and gift shops.
Open hours: daily - seasonal variations
Admission: charge, concessions

Cintermex Convention Centre picture

Cintermex Convention Centre

Address: Avenida Fundidora 501, Colonia Obrera, Monterrey, 64010, Mexico, MX
Tel: +52 81 8369 6969
The Cintermex is a leading exhibition venue and regularly hosts many of the biggest and most important events in Monterrey. Popular attractions at the Cintermex include trade events, book fairs, expos, conventions, art exhibitions. fashion shows, dances and concerts, with more than 1,000 different events taking place here every year. The Cintermex covers more than 64,000 square metres / 689,000 square feet and is likely to be hosting a plethora of quality events during your stay.
Open hours: daily, event times vary
Admission: charge for most events

Gran Plaza o Macroplaza photograph

Gran Plaza o Macroplaza

Address: De Avenida Constitución a 5 de Mayo Oriente, Monterrey, 64000, Mexico, MX
The Gran Plaza o Macroplaza is amongst the main tourist attractions in central Monterrey and is actually famous for being one of the biggest of its kind in the whole of Mexico. Best described as a multi-storey civic complex, the Gran Plaza o Macroplaza features areas for hotels, restaurants and shopping, being surrounded by a number of notable historic buildings and cultural attractions, such as Monterrey's cathedral, casino, theatres, and Government Palace. Throughout the year, many large events, attractions and celebrations take place around the Gran Plaza itself.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: free, charge for some of the actual attractions

Image of the Planetario Alfa Sky Shows (Planetarium)

Planetario Alfa Sky Shows (Monterrey Planetarium)

Address: Roberto Garza Sada, Garza Garcia, 66254, Mexico, MX
The Planetario Alfa Sky Shows offer a great way for all the family to learn more about the solar system and many star constellations in the night-time sky. Monterrey's planetarium is also filled with many astronomical attractions and hands-on activities, which are displayed in a museum area.
Open hours: Monday to Friday - 15:00 onwards, Saturday and Sunday - 13:00 onwards
Admission: charge, concessions, children three years old and under are free

Photo showing the Canon de la Huasteca

Canón de la Huasteca / Cumbres National Park (Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey)

Address: Carretera Federal 40, Santa Catarina, Mexico, MX
This famous national park is known for its beautiful mountains and breathtaking rock formations, and is particularly close to Monterrey. The most accessible area is the Parque Ecologico Chipinque, which lies within the mountains and directly south of the Colonia del Valle, offering endless tourists attractions, such as trails suitable for both hiking and mountain bikes, along with superb bird watching opportunities. The Canón de la Huasteca itself is just over 16 km / 10 miles from central Monterrey and is an almost vertical drop, complete with many unusual rock formations.
Open hours: daily - 24 hours
Admission: free