Niagara Falls Restaurants and Dining

(Niagara Falls, Ontario - ON, Canada)

Although the city of Niagara Falls is not exactly known for its dining, the Niagara Falls area is home to a good selection of restaurants, serving a reasonable selection of food. With many restaurants concentrated in downtown Niagara Falls and around Clifton Hill, you won't have far to search when choosing to eat out.

The cuisine at many of the restaurants in and around Niagara Falls is extremely varied, including Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Mexican and Thai restaurants, while for more traditional North American cuisine, diners and steakhouses are plentiful. If English-style fish and chips are the order of the day, you won't be disappointed, as this is a popular dish at many local restaurants in central Niagara Falls.

Opening Hours

Restaurants in Niagara Falls tend to conform to traditional Canadian opening hours, with some variations depending upon the cuisine and location. Breakfast venues generally open from 06:00 onwards and central coffee shops start to fill up from 08:00 to 09:00. Lunchtime restaurants and dining venues in Niagara Falls start serving brunch from 10:00 and remain open well into the afternoon, closing at around 15:00 to prepare for the evening dining rush. Dinner is served from 19:00, with restaurants throughout Niagara Falls remaining opening until 22:30 or later, particularly at the weekends. Many large restaurants in the downtown district offer early-bird incentives, which begin at 16:30.

Where to Eat

Niagara Falls features a number of award-winning restaurants, which are well worth a look and include Mulberry's Dining Room at the prestigious Renaissance Fallsview Hotel, and the Beef Baron Restaurant on Clifton Hill, which provides popular family dining. Other popular family restaurants in central Niagara Falls include Planet Hollywood and the Hard Rock Café, both of which are close to the nearby Casino Niagara building.

Some of the city's most popular restaurants can be found around the Clifton Hill area and along Stanley Avenue and Victoria Avenue. Catering for all tastes, restaurants in this area of Niagara Falls regularly offer both breakfast and lunchtime specials, which are usually well promoted and hard to miss.

Other notable restaurants in Niagara Falls include the outstanding dining rooms at the top of the Skylon Tower, the city's tallest building. Completely revolving once per hour, the Skylon restaurant may be on the expensive side, but the views of the Niagara River gorge are awesome. Also, the tall Konica Minolta Tower, which is part of the Ramada Plaza Hotel complex, offers a similar dining experience. Both of these restaurants are extremely popular and reservations are always advisable. Another notable restaurant is the eye-catching Flying Saucer, which has become one of the most famous restaurants in Niagara Falls. With an extensive range of cheap fast food served throughout the day, the Flying Saucer restaurant is popular with families and offers children's menus.

Many on the larger hotels in downtown Niagara Falls contain restaurants, which are usually open to non-residents and vary greatly in both quality and price, although most are quite affordable and often offer extensive buffets. Also, some bed and breakfasts in Niagara Falls offer inexpensive, home-cooked food in their dining rooms.