Banff Shopping and Districts

(Banff, Alberta - AB, Canada)

The Banff townsite is a lively tourist destination and much of the town has developed with this in mind, with most shopping needs being easily met. Banff offers many clusters of shops and small malls - more than you would probably expect.

These range from local specialty shops lining the central Banff Avenue, to glitzy malls, such as Cascade Place, a large indoor complex containing around 50 shops and a number of restaurants. Other notable shopping centers in town include the Clock Tower Village Mall and Sundance Mall, both of which can be found along Banff Avenue.

Opening Hours

Usually following typical opening hours in Canada, shopping centers and stores in the Banff townsite open from 09:00 to 18:00 throughout the week, although a number open as early as 08:00 and may remain open until as late as 22:00. The majority of shops open at the weekend, while Sunday trading hours may be shorter at some stores.

Shopping Centers and Malls

Bison Courtyard
Address: 211 Bear Street, Banff, Alberta (AB), Canada
Tel: +1 403 762 2443
Bison Courtyard is an environmentally friendly collection of shops, with stylish modern wooden architecture. This impressive shopping center is laid out in a courtyard arrangement and includes outdoor seating areas and a fireplace, together with many local stores, including gift shops and a bakery.

Cascade Plaza
Address: 317 Banff Avenue at Wolf Street, Banff, Alberta (AB), T0L 0C0, Canada
The main place for retail therapy in the Banff townsite, Cascade Plaza is an impressive indoor mall, housing around 50 shops, which are spread amongst four spacious levels. Famous for being the biggest shopping center in the whole of the Canadian Rockies, Cascade Plaza will not fail to impress, with highlights including a food court, an atrium-style interior and a grand domed roof.

Clock Tower Village Mall
Address: 108 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta (AB), Canada
Featuring a number of independent specialty stores, the Clock Tower Village Mall stands along Banff Avenue and contains an eye-catching German alpine-style exterior.

Kirby Lane
Address: 119 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta (AB), Canada
Kirby Lane is home to a notable collection of shops, which include a gift store selling local souvenirs, a hair salon and a popular restaurant. This central shopping location is close to many hotels in downtown.

Sundance Mall
Address: 215 Banff Avenue, Banff, Alberta (AB), T0L 0C0, Canada
Tel: +1 403 762 2655
Sundance Mall is one of the town's main outdoor complexes and offers around 20 shops, including a snow and skate boarding store, liquor store, several restaurants and a popular Internet café.