Merida Landmarks and Monuments

(Merida, The Andes, Venezuela)

The most-loved monument in the city is the bronze statue of Simon Bolivar, born in Venezuela and now the country's favourite revolutionary hero. Another related landmark in Merida is the Plaza Bolivar, where both the Cathedral (Catedral) and the Archbishop's Palace (Palacio Arzobispal) reside.

In this glorious mountain setting, the lush greenness of the city is due to its huge number of parks, and towering over the city of Merida is the Pico Espejo, once accessible by the now closed down cable car. The city's great squares, colonial buildings and imposing churches are all monuments to its enduring history in their own way.

Cathedral (Catedral de Merida)

Address: Calle 22 Uzcategui / Plaza Bolivar, Merida, Venezuela, VE
Tel: +58 0274 544 229
The Basilica Menor de la Immaculada Conception was a long time in the building, being started in the early 1800s and finally completed more than 150 years later, in 1960. The result is a conglomeration of different styles and ornamentation, giving a striking effect. Interestingly, the plans are based on those of a cathedral in Toledo, Spain, and the facade features some striking similarities. Inside are large frescos, magnificent stained-glass windows and the remains of St. Clement, while the facade is graced with two towers and various arches.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free, donations suggested

Iglesia de Nostra Signora del Carmen

Address: Avenida 3 / Calle 18, Merida, Venezuela, VE
Tel: +58 0274 052 3604
This exquisite colonial gem was the city's cathedral between the years of 1812 and 1866, and is the oldest church in the city. Its historical significance is enhanced by its Carmelite Brotherhood monastery and its hosting of the Pantheon of Merida. Located in the Old Quarter, the church's interior is both atmospheric and peaceful.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Archbishop's Palace (Palacio Arzobispal)

Address: Plaza Bolivar, Avenida 4 Simon Bolivar, Merida, Venezuela, VE
This early 20th-century Renaissance-style grand mansion is just one of the numerous imposing landmarks lining the Plaza Bolivar. Many of the passages and halls of the Archbishop's Palace are covered with art works and portraits, and the layout of the building is beautifully arranged. The Archdiocesan Museum (Museo Arquidiocesana) resides here and has some interesting exhibits and relics of a Catholic nature.
Open hours: Monday to Friday - 09:00 to 11:30, 14:30 to 15:30, Saturday - 10:30 to 14:30
Admission: charge

Bolivar Monument (Monumento de Bolivar)

Address: Parque de las Cinco Republicas, Calle 13 Colon, Avenida 5 Zerpa / Avenida 4 Simon Bolivar, Merida, Venezuela, VE
The Monumento de Bolivar is to be found within the Parque de las Cinco Republicas, where it dates all the way back to 1842. Its age makes it the oldest Bolivar Monument in the whole of Venezuela, although most will agree that it does appear a little out of proportion, since the rather small bust sits at the very top of a huge towering column. Nevertheless, this is an important local icon and a useful landmark for tourists navigating the city.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Equestrian Statue of Simon Bolivar

Address: Plaza Bolivar, Merida, Venezuela, VE
The great revolutionary general, Simon Bolivar, is the most highly regarded hero in Venezuela. His bronze equestrian statue is found in the main square (also named after him) of every city. Merida is no exception, with this fine bronze mounted on the white marble base in its own Plaza Bolivar. Flowers are often laid at the foot of the statue, especially during the city's exciting fiesta time.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Pico el Aguila

Address: Pico el Aguila, Merida, Venezuela, VE
Pico el Aguila is the name of the highest road in the country, which leads to Merida. This is also the name of the massive peak located high above the road. On the mountain is a tall tower surmounted by a bronze eagle with its wings outstretched, which officially marks the entrance to the city. The views from here are quite breathtaking, particularly on a clear day.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free