Huancayo Landmarks and Monuments

(Huancayo, Junin, Peru)

Photo of iconic blue churchSpread around Huancayo is a number of very impressive landmarks. Created by nothing more than the hand of nature, the sandstone needles known as the 'Torre Torre' are just a ten-minute drive from Huancayo and amongst the most famous landmarks within the area, being well worth seeing in the flesh.

Other major landmarks within Huancayo tend to be man-made and come in the form of historical churches. Both the Church of La Merced (Iglesia de La Merced) and the Church of the Immaculate Conception (Iglesia La Inmaculada Concepción) stand out in particular.

View of the Iglesia de La Merced

Iglesia de La Merced (Church of La Merced / Chapel of Mercy)

Address: Calle Real, Huancayo, Peru, PE
The Church of La Merced is to be found on the first block of the Calle Real and is off the Calle Ayacucho, being directly north-west of the Plaza de la Constitucion and an important city centre landmark. This church is known locally as the Iglesia de La Merced and offers an interesting history, since it was in this very spot where in 1839 the actual Peruvian Constitution was approved.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Panoramic Torre Torre image

Torre Torre

Address: Huancayo, Peru, PE
Completely formed by nature and eroded over many years by the effects of nothing more than rain and wind, the Torre Torre have become nothing short of a major local landmark and something of a geological phenomena, resembling tall towers in their appearance. One of these formations has earned itself the name of the 'Priest's Face'. The Torre Torre site is easy to find, being well signposted and just over 1 km / 0.5 miles from the Cerro de la Libertad, and is also a good spot to come for awesome views across the Montaro Valley.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free

Iglesia La Inmaculada Concepcion picture

Iglesia La Inmaculada Concepción (Church of the Immaculate Conception)

Address: Calle Mantaro, Huancayo, Peru, PE
The Iglesia La Inmaculada is a very beautiful church and lies off the south-eastern side of the city centre, between both the Central Train Station and also the Centro Civico. This church is just one block from Huamanmarca Park and boasts an elaborate interior, complete with religious antiquities and even its very own library. Street entertainers can often be found hanging around outside, performing and playing panpipes and all manner of other instruments, creating a friendly and lively atmosphere.
Open hours: daily
Admission: free